18 Things I Legitimately Cried About Thanks To PMS


Sorry Boys. I know you probably think it’s gross, but I’m totally about to blog about PMSing.

I know people think that PMS is just an excuse for girls to act bitchy once a month and get away with it. However, I err to the side of science, and sorry, but science says we have a valid excuse.

Have you ever drank an entire bottle of tequila and woken up the next morning terrified to look at your phone because of all the damage you know you did the night before? That’s pretty much what it feels like to wake up the day after your hormones finally stop having their monthly temper tantrum.

So, in case anyone is curious what it’s like here you go. I just called my best friend, had a moment, and let it all out on her. Here are eighteen things I actually cried about tonight (that seemed totally rational) :

1. I finished the book I was reading and I’m too poor to go buy another one.

2. I had to leave class early because I had cramps and now I’m going to be behind and fail this class, and semester, and therefore life itself.

3. The guy I’m kind of seeing went to see my favorite sports team play and didn’t tell me about it until I called him.

4. I have to use the words “kind of seeing,” when referring to someone I’ve been sleeping with for two months.

5. My landlord stole my window AC unit and I don’t know how to turn on the heat yet, so I’m stuck living with whatever the outside temperature is.

6. I’ve only been away to college for two months but I want to go home and I can’t.

7. My school refund isn’t here yet and I am really poor without it.

8. The sky wasn’t as blue as I wish it would have been today.

9. My tummy hurts.

10. That guy never text me first, and obviously hates me.

11. My sister told me she would call me back tonight and didn’t. (Talkin’ about you Summer).

12. I ran out of brown eyeliner and now all I have is black, and I totally feel less pretty with black eyeliner on.

13. I didn’t actually have a “best friend” who answered the phone tonight, so I made that part up when writing the intro to this article.

14. I couldn’t stop eating the chocolate covered cashews I bought yesterday and now I’m going to gain weight, and be more self-conscious, and no one is ever going to love me.

15. I wanted to go to the baseball game.

16. I can’t find my Advil.

17. My roommate is talking really loud and it’s making my stomach hurt more.

18. I have to do this all over again in a month.