18 Things I Love My College Friends For


College friends are a whole different species from high school and middle school friends. I have high school friends that I will love until the end of time, but my college friends have been there for me 24/7, in ways I cannot even describe, through a crazy first year full of ups and downs. I love them in ways I could never quite love my high school friends, and here are only a few reasons why:

1. For the birthday celebrations that made college feel like home.

2. For the Dunkin Donuts runs every morning during finals week, and helping me study for that Art History test I knew nothing about.

3. For never leaving parties without each other, even when one of us was blackout drunk.

4. For helping each other deal with the unbearable pain of still living on the same hall as someone you used to care about, and still having to see him each and every day.

5. For helping me go out of my comfort zone.

6. For the drunken Dominos orders at 2 am and for letting me always pass out in your bed.

7. For the nights we ate Chinese food and watched Denzel Washington movies instead of going out.

8. For the complete and total breakdowns each and every one of us had second semester, and the long talks, and the shoulders we had to cry on.

9. For helping me craft text messages to the boy I liked.

10. For bringing each other bagels in the library at midnight and soup when we were sick.

11. For (almost) never judging each other over weird hookups.

12. For meeting my high school friends from home and embracing them and loving them almost as much as I do.

13. For stopping me from doing things I would later regret.

14. For taking me out to lunch in the city when I couldn’t bear one more day eating in the same cafeteria as my ex. 

15. For the midnight walks around campus in the snow because neither of us could sleep.

16. For the ice cream and wine nights where we talked about our fears and insecurities.

17. For all the nights we just laid in bed and listened to my record player and all the days we lay out in the quad and did absolutely nothing.

18. For sticking up for me, believing in me, embracing me for exactly who I am; for truly understanding me and seeing all parts of me; and for giving me so much more love than I ever could have believed I would receive. Thank you.