18 Times Billy Eichner Tells It Like It Is And IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!


Whether he’s on Parks and Recreation, his web series Billy on the Street, or just being himself, Billy Eichner is one of the FUNNIEST COMEDIANS AROUND. And here are just a few of examples of his COMEDIC GENIUS.

1. When he uncovered the key to Paul Rudd’s HYPNOTIZING GOOD LOOKS!!

2. When he recognized PHENOMENAL ACTING!

3. When he empathized with the people who ACTUALLY GIVE A SHIT!

4. When he came up with the PERFECT COMEBACK!!

5. When someone doesn’t agree with his wonderful choices!!

6. When someone watched TRULY HORRIBLE TELEVISION!

7. When someone didn’t know who RASHIDA F*CKING JONES was!!

8. When he found out that someone hasn’t seen his favorite movie!!!

9. When he’s overwhelmed by your STUNNING ACCURACY!

10. When he first meets you, and your name and personality COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER LIKE CERULEAN AND BEIGE.

11. When the puppies were just TOO DAMN CUTE!

12. When someone was rude to him!!

13. When he understood political parties!

14. When he asked the truly important questions!

15. When he gave you the PERFECT idea for a Secret Santa gift!

16. When he’s COMPLETELY DONE with your sarcasm!

17. When he appreciated Meryl Streep for the GODDESS THAT SHE IS!

18. When he understood the INJUSTICES Ratatouille has dealt with!!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOOS846FsIU&w=786&h=400]

thumbnail image – Billy on the Street