18 Tiny Life Moments That Made You Feel Grown AF When You Were A Little Girl


1. Sippin’ on Martinelli’s apple juice. The original Moët.

2. Carrying a little purse that was completely unnecessary because it had nothing in it.

3. Going on a “diet.” Lol.

4. Drowning your lips in Lip Smackers and pretending it was lip stick.

5. Holding a faux cigarette (AKA a candy cane/breadstick) to your lips and breathing out cold air, pretending it was smoke.

6. Putting on clear mascara. HOLY SHIT.

7. Using tampons. They were horribly uncomfortable and intimidating at first, but once you got used to them, you felt adult af for graduating from pads.

8. Wearing red nail polish. There was something super sophisticated and sexy about it—far more womanly than ~ballet slipper pink~.

9. Slurping the foam off your mom’s cappuccino.

10. Walking around in kitten heels. You still remember the first time you donned a pair of half-inch pumps.

11. Getting your ears pierced. If your parents allowed you to get your second hole pierced before you turned 16, fuggedaboutit.

12. Reading fashion magazines and passing judgment on the ~looks~.

13. Pretending to read the newspaper. Lmao.


15. Getting to sit at the adult table.

16. Owning a piggy bank that held approximately $8 in coins.

17. Watching a Rated R movie without parental supervision.

18. When you finally graduated to an ~big girls’~ hair salon.

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