18 Ways To Hack Your College Road Trip


With Spring Break just around the bend, it’s time to gather all your friends and even some of their friends, pack up the car and take your asses on a road trip! Road tripping is the best way to experience a new place, sure, but it’s also the best way to learn a whole lot about yourself and the people who go with you. Maybe you already know all the basics of road trips, like bringing plenty of snacks and that maybe it’s not the best idea to finish if you are driving while also having road head done to you. Here are 18 tips to make your upcoming Spring Break road trip a smashing success.

1. Get Travel Insurance

Flat tires and other car troubles can happen to anyone, so it’s better to know you’re covered than to rely on a couple of sketchy dudes with a tow truck.

2. Visit The World’s Largest/Best/Most _________ !

Nothing says “Hey guys, I’m on a road trip” better than a cute Facebook pic of you with the World’s Largest Buffalo!

3. Go To A Random Truck Stop

Truck stops aren’t just gas stations. They’re where truckers go to refuel, shower, and get themselves together. The great thing about them though is that they are sort of like a time capsule: hairstyles from YEARS ago, all sorts of different life stories and you might even meet other road trippers.

Plus, you can buy all sorts of awesome trinkets and memorabilia, probably stuff with your name on it, too!

4. Bring Comedy Albums Instead Of Audio Books

Everyone knows to bring an audio book on a road trip. But the thing is, audio books require so much concentration. You have to listen sort of intently. With comedy albums, though, they pay off is immediate. Plus, a HIGHlarious comedy album will give all of you something to laugh at together.

5. Don’t Be Stingy With Your Movies — Get An iPad Car Mount!

That way you can share your digital porn connection with all the people the back seat with you. The added benefit is that you won’t have to hold your head down for hours and hours while you watch stuff.

6. Keep Dryer Sheets In The Car

I don’t care how fabulous you are, after 3 to 8 days in a car stuff is just going to get FUNKDAFIED (cc. Da Brat). I mean, just regular body funk along with all the fast food you’ll be eating and what not and it’s just not going to be pretty. So, keep a box of dryer sheets/Febreeze around and roll the windows down from time to time.

7. Talk Dirty And Tell Secrets!

Sitting in a car with your BFFs or even some folks you don’t know is a great way to get to know them even more. You never know what you’ll discover about people by sharing 8 days in a car with them. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s juicy.

8. Keep A Playlist Of Songs Going

You already know that we often associate certain songs with really specific memories we have of times, places and people, and having a road trip playlist is the best way to do that. Ask all your friends to send you a list of 10 of their favorite songs. Load all the songs into iTunes, set it to shuffle, and let the magic begin!

9. Keep Your Phone Off

Chances are you’re not going to have service anyway. And you don’t want to be that person who goes on a road trip only to play on their god damn cellphone. Cut that baby on to check in with your folks from time to time, and keep it off unless there’s an emergency. In our world of instant and constant connectivity, a road trip is one of the last, purely analog types of human experiences.

10. Don’t Freeze Your Water Bottles All The Way

There’s this idea that if you fill up your water bottle and freeze it the night before, why you’ll be drowning in crisp, ice cold water. But it takes so long for that shit to defrost tho. A more reliable method is to fill the bottle with water half way, then just before you leave the house you fill up the other half with cold water. This way, it’ll defrost sooner and all the water will be cold 🙂

11. Hang Out With Locals

Ask them where the best parties or bars are, what are some things you should definitely do while you’re in town. They prob have the low-down. And you’re better off asking someone real than following a guidebook.

12. Get A Real, Actual Map

Sure you can download your maps at home, but if you’re going to go analog, why not do it the way we used to do it? Bring a real, paper map! YOU WILL BE SO RETRO.

13. Don’t Bring Soda

Not because soda isn’t delicious, but because you won’t be able to keep it cold. Who wants a warm ass soda? Better to just pick one up while you’re on the road.

14. Get A Scratch-Off Map Of The USA!

This way you’ll be able to keep a visual reminder of all the amazing corners and places you drove through! It will feel so satisfying every time you get to scratch off a brand new area.

15. Pack Light

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmIJox-srfc&w=584&h=390]

There’s not going to be a ton of space in the car you’re in, and everyone’s going to want to have their own bang of treats right at their side.

This means you’ll have to learn to pack light, bringing only the absolute essentials with you when you travel. Think of it this way: there will be fewer things to leave behind!

16. Hang A Shoe Organizer At The Back Of The Car Seat

And speaking of packing light, you might want to just load all the stuff you want to bring in the car — magazines, snacks, whatever else — into this bad boy so you don’t take up so much room.

17. Engage In The “Vice” Of Your Choice

No further commented needed 🙂

18. Be Ready For Intense Conversations Followed By An Hour Of Total Silence

Sometimes, silence is good. Chances are you will all be talking and talking and talking at first, but after a while talking gets boring and people get sleepy and want to watch movies or do other stuff. It’s okay to have hours of talking followed by long periods of silence. Enjoy the view, and more than that, enjoy the piece of mind.