19 Bosses Reveal The Weirdest Reasons Why They’ve Had To Fire An Employee


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1. Speaking for my local taco bell: They fired this tweaker for changing clothes (completely naked) in the small hallway near the bathrooms.


2. Fired a forklift driver once for snorting a xanax off the back of the urinal. He literally just crushed it up and snorted it with me standing right next to him washing my hands in the sink. Stupidity really knows no limits.


3. Dude was jerkin’ it in his cubicle.


4. Wasn’t me that did the firing, but an overnight cleaner at a hotel I used to work at snuck his girlfriend in and got a blowjob in full view of the security cameras. One of the guards told me that he even looked at the camera and gave a thumbs up.

– Anonymous

5. I hired an assistant manager who was recently laid off by another company to run the office when I was doing other work stuff. I’m in Omaha when I get a phone call saying that the guy I hired was being arrested.

Turns out he left for lunch, was gone for a while, then came back and resumed the day.

During that lunch break, he killed his former bosses (regional manager, office manager, HR specialist). When I got back, I called the police station and just told the guy on the phone to tell him he was fired.

He got life in prison without the possibility of parole.


6. I had to politely “let go” of one of my security staffers who went up to a pretty famous animated show creator while drunk and told her to her face that he wants to “destroy her in bed.”


7. We had a network share run out of space. It was huge, and we couldn’t figure out what would eat up all the space at first. Started scanning people’s home folders, when I found this guy had gigabytes and gigabytes of porn. This was back before we blocked web sites. The filenames were all we needed to know what it was.


8. WARNING: This is super gross – half the people I tell this to lose their lunch.

My employee was in her late 40s and overweight. She would stick her hand down her pants (front), pick a little, bring up a scab, place it on her desk, and when she had a few she would eat them.
Luck for me I worked for a large call center and as a male it was not proper for me to talk about such matters. Our HR rep had a talk and gave her a warning (it’s a biohazard).

She did it again and got fired.


9. We had to put a strong padlock on our storage area because we caught so many of our employees going in there to have sex (or drink or whatever they wanted to do while avoiding our cameras). Have personally fired both of 2 different couples who were caught there.


10. Not me personally, but a coworker was fired for storing kiddie porn on his work laptop. Sick bastard.


11. I used to work at a radio station and had to fire a DJ because he had sex on the air.

But he would not have been caught if he were competent, so that was the official reason. He had not muted the studio microphones while music or other programs were playing, so anyone listening could hear them having sex in the background. Muting those mics is Radio 101. He was just lowering the mic levels. Still audible.


12. Having sexual intercourse with an inmate. Totally illegal.


13. I worked as a manager of a small movie theatre in college. We hired a teen mom to work the floor and she was great! A little dumb, but that didn’t matter. After about 6 months on the job, she was 3 hours late to shifts three days in a row. So, on the third day we had to fire her. When we sat her down and asked her why she was so late, her explanation was that she and her fianc√© believed she was sleep-fucking their roommate. Her solution was to try and stay up all night to stop herself from having sex with this guy. She ended up falling asleep in the early morning and missing her alarm clock.


14. There was a supervisor who had a side job as an owner of a cleaning maid service. Apparently the girls would clean houses topless and offered other services he was mums on. One day he was at work he got bored so he called one of his “girls” to come up and she blew him in the break room.

This came out during an investigation on possible fraudulent activities he was doing at work. He didn’t fess up to the fraudulent activities but definitely did to the other “activities.”

He was fired. Obviously.


15. Builder wasnt wearing his safety hat several times after I demanded him to wear it. Its literally NSFW if you work without a hat.


16. Worked at a Wendy’s: fired a guy for pissing in the Romaine lettuce bucket.

Technically didn’t even had the authority, just knew what had to be done and stepped in…

Like a boss.


17. Dude sexually harassed another dude. Specifically, he grabbed his balls and tongue kissed him. I lost 2 employees that day.


18. Male employee masturbating in the women’s bathroom. Funniest part was after we slip-served him, he went back to the scene of the crime and tried to leave us an “upper-decker”, only to drop the toilet cistern top on the floor and shatter it to pieces.


19. One of the tellers got fired on his first week for peeing his pants and messing up the carpet.


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