19 Cringeworthy Types Of People You Should Definitely Stay Away From


1. The person at karaoke who sings a really emotional song about anything, but especially about a love lost.

2. The person who takes FOREVER to give their order at a place and laughs about it even when there’s a long line behind them.

3. The person who tries really hard to be funny and continuously fails. It’s okay to not be the funny person in the group.

4. The person who is trying to say something deep in one of those moments where it just feels right but ends up messing it up and everyone around you is either confused or laughing.

5. The person who tries to be sexy around an attractive person but just ends up tripping, falling, or breaking something.

6. The person who tells the same “interesting story” over and over again. Get some new material or you know, stay silent. People talk too much anyway.

7. The person who wears an outfit they know they’re not comfortable in, and then spends the entire time in said outfit shifting, pulling, and tugging.

8. The person who walks into a conversation about a subject matter they know nothing about, and spends the entire time pretending to know what’s going on.

9. The person who blows up your texts, FB, twitter, email, and etc. but says barely two words to you in-person.

10. The person who goes to the grocery store knowing their feet are their only form of transportation but chooses to carry a crap ton of things. Then spends the entire way home, chasing all the things that keep falling out of their bag.

11. The person who laughs nervously at really serious things. Death? War? Famine? It doesn’t matter, this person starts laughing because they don’t know what else to do.

12. The person who can’t meet new people. Every time your group of friends gets acquainted with a new group of friends, this person just clings to their group and doesn’t say a word.

13. The person who has to turn every single thing into a sexual joke, often abusing, “That’s what she said.” We get it. And she did not say that.

14. The person who tries to make conversations in public places with people who are so obviously not interested in talking. (And everyone can see this but them.)

15. The person who keeps trying to form a dance circle around themselves and keeps failing tremendously.

16. The person who attempts to make a toast at a really important celebration but keeps getting talked over and no one remotely pays them attention.

17. The person who pretends to know the bouncer at a club but then has to stand outside hovering around them for half an hour which is almost the same time they would have waited if they had just got in line.

18. The person who shouts across the street to someone who they think they know but the person isn’t paying attention or has their headphone in. So you keep shouting in order to not seem like you didn’t know the person but the whole thing becomes so embarrassing for everyone around you.

19. The person who publicly goes in for a hug or high-five or handshake and gets left hanging. We’ve all been that person once or twice. 🙁

Featured image – Sixteen Candles