19 Displays Of Love, Affection & Inspiration That’ll Make You Cry


Ready for a punch in the feelings? Being that we’re oft considered a desensitized generation, every once in a while it can be nice to test our emotional side and clarify that it’s still functioning. If that’s what you seek, look no further. These are videos that will make you feel anything from happy, sad, inspired, pleased, motivated–or just leave you in a heap on the floor, weeping for hours. You may have seen some of these, and others maybe not, either way the important thing is to be sure that you take some time away from distractions to attentively watch. Be prepared, those onion cutting ninjas are swarming all around this place and you are certainly at risk to having your waterworks uncontrollably activated.

1. Danny & Annie’s Tell The Story Of Their 27 Year Marriage


2. Feeding The Homeless Prank


3. Father, Son Love + Josh Groban = Tears Running


4. Reddit Users Sending Love To A Dying Man


5. Man Stops His Vehicle To Guide Elderly Woman Across The Street


6. Lion Remembers His Owners After Years Apart


7. Soldiers Returning Home


8. Dying Man Attends NFL Game And Meets His Favorite Player


9. Jodi DiPiazza’s Story That Leads To Her Singing On Stage With Katy Perry


10. Vitaly Temporarily Stops Asking Bros If They Even Lift To Give A Homeless Man A Makeover


11. Live Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal


12. Will’s Dad Sucks (I know it’s scripted, but dude


13. Ellen Makes Talia A Cover Girl


14. 30 Dolphins Stranded & Saved By Locals


15. Soldier Reunited With Her Crying Dog


16. A Tribe’s First Encounter With A White Man


17. Big Brother Love Shown In A Best Man Speech


18. Incredible Never Give Up Story Documents One Man’s Transformation


19. Armless, legless inspiration, Nick Vujicic


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