19 Everyday Reminders Every 19-Year-Old Needs To Hear Right Now


1. Breakups hurt. A lot. And they always will. You should know that your first love will not last but please do not let this hinder your ability to fully love with every bone in your body.

2. Everything is temporary. The problems you face now will eventually become as distant as the future looks for you in this current moment. The sad reality of this though, is that the good times will also not last, so please relish every moment you have and treat it as if you will never get another.

3. Your body is made of the same matter that stars are, treat it as such. Love your body before you learn to love anything else, the flaws and imperfections you see are someone else’s definition of perfect.

4. An extra slice of pizza every once in a while won’t kill you, so don’t get down on yourself when you go to eat it. Just remember that taking the stairs instead of the elevator is also another alternative that will better you, not destroy you.

5. It’s okay to not like to be alone. In fact, it is also okay to like being alone. You are allowed to surround yourself with whomever makes you the most comfortable and well invented.

6. Change is a good way to distract your mind. Regardless of whether or not you like change, it can be a simple interruption from the bigger things at hand in your life.

7. Express your love generously. Don’t hold back, tell that person you like them and want to go see a movie with them. Tell your parents you appreciate every sacrifice they have made to get you to where you are in life. Tell your teachers they inspire you every day to go out in the world and make a difference even if the world refuses to give credit.

8. It’s okay not to like him back, it doesn’t make you a bitch. Even science cannot explain the feelings we have towards certain people in our lives. Yes, the person may be angry or sad because they like you and the feeling is not reciprocated, but you cannot be held liable for another human beings emotions.

9. Just because you try your hardest doesn’t mean you will succeed. Trust me when I say there will be jobs you do not get despite your qualifications, and tests you fail even though you studied all night. This reminder should not take away from the thought that you should continue to try your hardest at all things you care for.

10. No one has the right to take away your self-respect and love. No one. You can feel sad and embarrassed at times, but no one can control the way you feel towards yourself.

11. Don’t you ever think you are alone in this world. Not even for one second think you are going through difficult times alone because I promise you if you just look around for help, someone will be there.

12. Crying is therapeutic. Go ahead, dive deep into your emotions and allow yourself to feel everything you have been bottling up inside. Even if its happy tears, just let yourself feel it.

13. Some boys just refuse to see the love in you and that’s okay, just remember not to keep chasing them. You will be happy one day with a man or woman who has a love so deep for you that the vastness of space seems small compared to this.

14. Don’t be afraid of your opinion. You have a right to be heard, but do not take advantage of this right so that you may preach hatred.

15. The weight on your chest can only be removed by you. The apology you never gave to your mom can only be said by you. The person walking out of your life will only know your true feelings once you tell them.

16. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, make it. Life is unfortunately not a fairy tale or Disney movie, so please don’t sit around and expect a moment to come to you, create it yourself.

17. You cannot control the actions of others, so please do not blame yourself for their mistakes. You can feel sorry for their wrongdoings, but do not think that you had any part in it. You cannot go back and change the behavior of others all you can do is hope and pray for the best for them.

18. You will have good days and bad weeks, let yourself channel the highs and ride them through the bad waves.

19. Never underestimate the power of a long drive. Or a beautiful view, and some good music. It helps.