19 Nancy Drew Titles If She Were A Millennial


  1. The Mystery Of The Text That Just Said “Cool”
  2. The Secret Of The Undefined Relationship
  3. The Clue In The Chambray Shirt
  4. The Password To The New Mixology Bar Kelsey Was Talking About
  5. The Sign Of The Engagement Ring Facebook Picture
  6. The Invisible Tinder Date
  7. The Secret Of The OMG Is That Nutella? Keep It Away From Me!
  8. The Disappearing iMessage Ellipses
  9. The Case Of The Untagged Instagram
  10. Intrigue At The Green Juice Place
  11. The Mystery Of The Drunk Bruise
  12. The Puzzle Of The Iced Coffee Order
  13. The Girl Who Couldn’t Remember Which Nail Polish Color She Usually Gets
  14. The Investment Banker’s Secret
  15. The Legend Of The Missing Brunch Invitation
  16. The Hidden Liquid Eyeliner
  17. The Mystery Of The Wrong Brand Of Hummus
  18. The Haunted Sample Sale
  19. The Secret of the Girl Who Couldn’t Even