19 Signs Your Glass Is Absolutely Always Half-Full


1. You get incredibly uncomfortable when people fight. Like, you might crawl up in a corner and rock yourself in the fetal position until they stop.

2. If someone asks for your number in a bar, you assume it’s because they just want to continue the really fun conversation you were having! It has nothing to do with sex. HAHAH, ooooh no way!!!

3. You are always willing to give second chances. Thirds. Fourths. You’ll basically give someone a chance until it kills you.

4. Speaking of killing, you’ve definitely wondered what happened to people like Ted Bundy, The Zodiac Killer, etc. and if maybe there’s a reason they started…you know…killing people.

5. You live by the motto: kill them with kindness. (…but not in the murderous way as mentioned above)

6. You have resting nice face. For example, this is kind of my permanent expression:

7. You don’t really get mad at HATERZ. You just want to give them hugs because you figure they didn’t get enough in their childhood.

8. You like to believe maybe the sequel WILL be as good as the first movie.

9. You’re definitely an “innocent until proven guilty” kind of person. You’re still reeling from Serial.

10. You actually think Kim and Kanye have a decent shot at making it. You’re also totally available for babysitting, if they ever decide to hit you up for it.

11. Even when someone has shattered your sweet, lil heart into a million pieces, you’ve been there for them should they ever really need help.

12. People have accused your burning optimism as an act, and though we all put on fronts to a certain extent, you’re kind of just like…“Um, nope. This is just me. Sorry? I mean should I be sorry? Sorry! Wait…”

13. You’ve been called a pushover, but the truth is, you just don’t care to cause unnecessary waves. You’ll stand up when you need to, but you also have no interest in potentially hurting people. Some fights just aren’t worth it.

14 You’re the go-to when people want advice with a positive spin. Are you always right? Oh hellll nahhh, but at least you try!

15. You’ve definitely said, “I feel like there’s more to this situation than we know!”

16. You get nervous that people find your approach to life annoying, but then again, you can’t blame them! You can be kind of nauseating, but…in an adorable way? No? Maaaaybe?

17. You feel a special connection with Dug from Up. He gets you man, he just GETS you.

18. You believe in TRU LUV. (2 Chainz voice) ~*~TRUUUU LUV~*~

19. On your best days, you walk around and honestly think, “Damn. I love everyone.”