19 Signs You’re Definitely Turning Into Your Parents


We all swore it would never happen. We earnestly believed it couldn’t happen. And then one day we look at realized, it’s actively happening right now (and we’re not even as bothered by it as we should be.)

  • You see young girls dressed in revealing clothes and literally fight the instinct to go cover them up.
  • You have very little interest in going to parties, bars, or concerts where you won’t be able to sit down.
  • Coasters on the coffee table are not goddamn optional.
  • You think back on times when you hated them as a teenager and realize how horribly unreasonable you were. They weren’t, as you thought, evil tyrants. In fact, they’re basically qualified for sainthood for not killing your hormonal, headstrong ass.
  • You hear yourself say something and can’t figure out why it sounds so familiar – until you realize it’s exactly something your mom or dad would say. And it’s not even just the words; you’ve actually started unconsciously mimicking their inflection and rhythm when speaking.
  • You come across some note on your desk that you hastily wrote down and get flashbacks of school permission slips and grocery lists you saw your parents write as a kid. Your handwriting is exactly the same.
  • After the college/first apartment days of relishing in eating whatever the hell kind of awful, unhealthy food you want wears off, you find yourself wanting the yummy, home-cooked meals your parents made you, and trying to replicate them yourself.
  • You start asking your friends and roommates things like: “Have you eaten today”, or “Did you pee?” before a long road trip.
  • Even if people always told you that you look like one of your parents, it’s easy not to see the resemblance when you’re young. I mean, they’re so old and you’re so young and amazing – how could anyone find physical similarities? And then you see a photo of your parent in their 20s and they could be your twin.
  • You tell people younger than you how totally different things were when you were their age, and you mean it, and it’s true.
  • We claimed (and really believed) to loathe some of the ways our parents raised us, and swore we would do things way differently when we grew up. But when your friends or siblings start having kids (or you do), you find yourself watching how they raise them and, even in a non-judgmental way, forming opinions about what they’re doing and how you would do it if they were your kids. So much of it is exactly how your parents raised you.
  • Without thinking about it, you find yourself relating more to parents in movies than the kids.
  • You make your friends text you when they get home. It doesn’t matter if they’re leaving your house, or you’re all leaving a bar, you will legitimately think something terrible has happened to them if they don’t let you know they made it home safely.
  • If there’s an blizzard or ice storm, all of your friends migrate to your house because they know you remember to stock up on groceries, batteries, and blankets.
  • You look in your purse – fully equipped with enough supplies to keep an army alive for a week – and realize that it looks alarmingly like your mom’s always did.
  • Words like “sensible” and “comfortable” makes clothing and shoes sound more appealing.
  • There is a certain spot on the couch, or a specific chair, and it is your “spot”. God help anyone who dares to sit in your spot, even if you’re not home (they could ruin the way it’s perfectly shaped to your butt.)
  • You genuinely feel shocked by what you see some kids doing these days, and say things like, “I mean, where are their parents?”
  • There is a profound emotional connection between your overall mental well-being and the cleanliness of your house. 

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