19 Signs You’re Secretly The Charlie Kelly Of Your Friend Group


1. You’re a person of simple pleasures.

2. Seriously, vacation planning couldn’t be easier.

3. You’re well aware that you have your own unique quirks.

4. But you won’t STAND for hypocrisy!

5. You’re an incredibly passionate person…

6. So when you have a crush on someone, you can get… intense.

7. You’re extremely genuine and don’t believe in faking interest in anything.

8. No matter what people say, you know that anyone would be lucky AF to date you.

9. You’re clearly the most adorable of the group, and you own it.

10. Your anger can get the best of you sometimes.

11. …But that’s just because you’re not afraid to hide your emotions.

12. You’re always thinking outside of the box.

13. …And consider yourself to be the “idea person” of your friends.

14. You’re definitely more of a city person than anything else.

15. You love making plans but if someone tries to change them at the last minute you get a little bit peeved.

16. People know to come to you for advice on the truly important issues.

17. You can be very blunt. Really, you’re just saying what everyone’s thinking.

18. You sometimes feel like people don’t truly appreciate your unique talents.

19. Which is just ridiculous.

Because whatever, you’re the best and you know it.