19 Songs From The ’90s That Will Give You Life Instantly


1. “C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train),” Quad City DJ’s


My sister and I used to JAM to this song when it came out in 1996. Mom used to take us skating at a nearby skating rink and while she was out there working the floor, twirling and skating backwards and just generally doing her thang, my sister and I pumped around on the kid’s floor. We went off whenever this came on.

2. “Sittin Up In My Room,” Brandy


When Waiting to Exhale came out in 1995 my mom wouldn’t let me watch it because it was a grown folks movie with sex all up in it. But that didn’t keep me from getting my hands on the soundtrack and queening out to Miss Brandy up in my room. Yes god!

3. “How Do U Want It,” 2Pac


Damn this is kind of like listening to me being 10 again. My dad, for one, was super into 2 Pac, so I heard this one around the house all the time.

4. “Be My Lover,” La Bouche

The very first song that turned me into a gay. C’MON PURPLE LATEX CATSUIT!

5. “Why I Love You So Much,” Monica

How I learned to stare out of windows with emotion.

6. “Touch Me, Tease Me,” Case ft. Foxy Brown

Okay, seriously right now? THIS was the actual jam, from The Nutty Professor soundtrack. It’s naaaasty, though. 🙂

7. “Just A Girl,” No Doubt


8. “If Your Girl Only Knew,” Aaliyah

In all honesty Aaliyah was the only thing I listened to in 1996. Yes fingerless gloves, yes!

9. “Beautiful Life,” Ace of Bass

What a weird music video. Cool song, tho.

10. “Wannabe,” Spice Girls

I might get kicked out of the country for admitting this in a public forum, but, in all honesty I’m living in England right now because of the Spice Girls. Maybe I should put THAT on my Grindr profile.

11. “MMMBop,” Hanson

Who doesn’t love this song in some kind of way? Evil people and heathens, that’s who 🙂

12. “You Make Me Wanna,” Usher

This track came out in 1997 and the only thing I wanted at the time was for U(r)sher to be my boyfriend. I was completely convinced HE WOULD BE.

13. “No, No, No (Part 1),” Destiny’s Child

Want to take a trip back down 90s fashion memory lane? Who green lit that cheetah print velvet dress with a slit up the front? GORL!

14. “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing,” Aerosmith

Steven Tyler was always a queer icon to me, even though he doesn’t self-identify as queer. I loved how he worse women’s blouses and tied scarves on things. If he could do it, so could I!

15. “Frozen,” Madonna


I’m a terrible gay because I’m not that much into Madonna, like, at all, but this is one of my few favorite songs of hers.

16. “If You Had My Love,” Jennifer Lopez

Fun fact: this track came out in 1999. It is complete and utter sorcery that in 2016 Jennifer Lopez looks exactly the way she did in 1999.

17. “Funkdafied,” Da Brat

Whatever happened to Da Brat?

18. “Rumpshaker,” Wrecks-N-Effect

Another track that drove people wild at the skating rink down in Killeen, Texas!

19. “Are You That Somebody,” Aaliyah

Ok >>>THIS<<<< was my real jam! Probably the first time I gagged on a music video. Oh god, I used to watch this video on repeat so I could learn the dance moves and then do them in the living room just in case the video came on The Box.

Yes, The Box!

All I was missing was a sports bra.