19 Things Confident Girls Always Remember When They’re In Love


1. If you don’t value yourself, then you will always be drawn to people who don’t value you either.

2. An insecure person will always engage in relationships with people who are also insecure themselves. And that will lead end up leading to fueling each others’ insecurities.

3. If you don’t believe you’re worthy of love, you will never believe that somebody else can love you either.

4. You should control the pace of your relationship. And if you aren’t comfortable with the pace that it’s going, fix it.

5. Never stay with someone who does not respect and appreciate you for exactly who you are.

6. If a guy is hesitant to commit in a relationship, it has nothing to do with you.

7. The biggest part of having confidence is the ability to trust yourself to make the right choices. And also being prepared to clean up the mess if things go wrong.

8. Owning your emotions is liberating. The good, the bad, and the ugly. You should never be ashamed to admit that you have emotions either.

9. You should be aware of what you want from a romantic relationship. And if someone doesn’t have to offer that, don’t settle.

10. You should never be afraid that asking for your needs to be met will end a relationship. And if you aren’t receiving everything you want or need from the relationship, walk away from it.

11. Never be at the beck and call of a guy. And don’t sacrifice your normal life in order to make a relationship to last. There is such thing as a neutral balance.

12. Abuse isn’t just physical. It can be mental and emotional. So, be cautious of red flags and warning signs to look for. And if you ever happen to find yourself in an abusive relationship, leave it.

13. You shouldn’t take it personally when a guy doesn’t want a romantic relationship with you.

14. When a relationship fails, it’s not because you did something wrong. It is simply because it just wasn’t meant to be.

15. You should never associate your worth with a guy. Ever. Realize that you are worthy of everything you desire on your own. With, or without the guy.

16. You are in fact, very worthy of finding love. And you should never question the love another person has for you. If that person truly cares, they’ll show you.

17. You must know the significant difference between love and lust. And try not to ever confuse the two.

18.You cannot be afraid of being wrong. And during those times where you are wrong, own up to it. Owing up to your mistakes is a sign of strength and humility.

19. If something doesn’t work out, know that something better will come along. Never worry about the “timing” or fact that all of your former relationships didn’t last. You are amazing on your own and you will find the right person, at the right time.