21 Things That Happen When You Are Truly In Love With Someone


1. You feel like it will take a lifetime to get to know them.

2. You fight. But you fight because you care. And understand your struggles make the relationship stronger in the long run, that nothing worth doing is easy.

3. You can picture them at 40, 50, 70, 90, and even 100 and what you see in your head still makes you smile with delight.

4. You love their flaws. Discovering a new quirk in them is like discovering a vast new universe.

5. Your sex is dirty. Your sex is passionate. Your sex is boring. Your sex is spiritual. Your sex is beyond dirty. Your sex is so fun. Your sex is silly. Essentially, you have an incredibly versatile sex life that is hard to define because you’re always switching it up and finding new ways to please each other.

6. You’re just as happy to watch them watch TV than watch the actual show. They’re so stunning that just watching them react to a show is more than enough entertainment for you.

7. The way they look at the world, and the way they compose themselves every day in the world inspires you to be a more generous and empathic person.

8. They give you déjà vu. It’s an uncanny sensation but it just feels like you have met them before, and loved them deeply for eons.

9. They make the cutest noises.

10. They make you almost believe in magic.

11. Having someone love you so deeply makes you more conscious of the beauty in nature, the wonder that is everything around you.

12. You aren’t afraid to expose all of yourself to them — metaphorically and literally. You lay yourself bare and they accept you as you are.

13. They opiate you. A glance or caress from them is like medicine. In fact, when you’re sick nothing helps more than having them by your side.

14. Together you can imagine a future that is brighter than anything you thought possible before you met them.

15. Their kisses are a breath of fresh air, always, even in the morning.

16. When your worst self comes out, they are patient with you and help you come back to yourself. Their presence can do more than any psychologist can do for you.

17. They have a scent that smells like home. Every time you inhale the unique formula that is them a calm washes over you.

18. Everything feels like it’s in the right place.

19. When they leave something behind (for instance their watch or a shirt) and you find the item — looking at gives you a warm feeling inside.

20. Every moment with them feels like a movie, a momentous event.

21. You honestly feel like whatever disaster strikes, you have a bedrock and you will be able to make it through with them on your side.