19 Thoughts Twenty-Somethings Have When Searching For Their First Apartment


1. “This won’t take long, there are so many listings! I’ll have my pick of the lot!”

2. “Hmm those weren’t quite as nice as I thought they’d be.”

3. “What’s the key to finding an affordable place in a nice neighborhood?”

4. “Oh. Apparently those places only exist in Narnia. Awesome.”

5. “I’m an adult, I want my own room.”

6. “Well, if I want to eat occasionally, I’ll need to share a studio with three people.”

7. “How do I get credit? Do I already have credit? How can I tell?”

8. “I don’t understand what this number is. Is that the total monthly rent? It’s not? It’s my share of the rent?”


10. “How bad would it be if I just lived in my car for a bit?”

11. “Yeah, okay, I guess I don’t need air conditioning.”

12. “Bunk beds aren’t so bad, I always wanted one when I was a kid, so now’s my chance, I guess?”

13. “Hot plates and stoves are basically the same thing, so really, who needs a kitchen?”

14. “Who needs a view? I have a map of Kansas that’s just as good.”

15. “With the right décor, this place could be totally livable… I think.”

16. “I used to ask Santa for a pet rat every year as a kid, so really, living with a pack of rats is just a delayed Christmas present.”

17. “Will my roommates hate it if I hang up one of those singing fish?”

18. “Floor space is completely overrated.”

19. “It’s not perfect, but it’s my place and I love it.”