19 Times The Sanderson Sisters Perfectly Sum Up Your Life As A Single Twenty-Something


1. When you successfully slide into your crush’s DMs.

2. When you go to your favorite coffee shop and the hot barista is working.

3. When you wake up the day after a horrible date and feel single AF.

4. When you’re about to unmatch with someone on Tinder but then they say something witty.

5. When you reluctantly agree to go on a date with your mom’s coworker’s son/daughter.

6. When someone at the bar tries negging you and you’re just not having any of it.

7. When your friends are unsure about a Tinder match, but he’s so hot you don’t care.

8. When you try and reopen a conversation with someone you ghosted on.

9. When you’re pumping yourself up for a night out.

10. When your friends accidentally cock block you at the bar.

11. When you take the bus home from a night out but you’re all a little too drunk to handle it.

12. When you run into your ex and their new girlfriend.

13. When you get intensely excited about someone you just started seeing, and your friends try in vain to ground you a little.

14. When you try and let a Tinder match down nicely.

15. When you and your best friends wake up after a night out and don’t reallyyy remember how you got home.

16. When yet another high school/college friend gets engaged.

17. When someone massively attractive walks into the bar and you and your friends all want a chance with them.

18. When your drunken hookup decides to sleep in but you’ve got places to be.

19. When you meet someone and they’re nice? And funny? And like the same things you do??? WITCHCRAFT.