19 Ways To Know Your Best Friend Is The BEST Friend


1. You’ve developed a unique way of talking to each other in words and slang phrases you’ve perfected over the years.

2. When they make a purposeful change in their appearance — a big new tattoo, a new hairstyle, a gym bod — you remember what they used to look like and you watch them become a whole new person.

3. You can hang out together in total silence and the silence doesn’t bother you one bit.

4. You say things like “Remember back in college when….” and you actually remember.

5. They know all of your neuroses and still love you for u.

6. They also know the exact type of guy or girl you’re attracted to and you know theirs, too. You have super different types, meaning you’ll never compete for the same guy!

7. You will know all of their relationship stuff — not just their dating history but all the people they’ve slept with and you’ll have opinions about each.

8. Your best friend will inspire you to become a better person. You love it when they succeed and it reminds you that you need to step your game up — way up.

9. Only a best friend calls you in a state of panic because they think they got crabs, what should they do????

10. A best friend will always have your back, that much is a given. But they are also not afraid to tell you about yourself and get you all the way together. Tough love is still love.

11. People who don’t know you will tell you you have the same speech pattern.

12. No matter what type of crazy hell is happening in your life they will always encourage you to think about the bright side.

13. You never get sick of each other because you know how to retreat to your own space without hurting their feelings. You both know you cherish your personal space.

14. You send each other pictures of hot girls or hot guys you see on Tinder/Grindr/Scruff/OkCupid.

15. You’ve traveled somewhere in the world together, whether that’s a road trip across the country or to a foreign city you’ve both never been to before.

16. You’ve regularly seen each other in various states of nudity without even thinking about it.

17. They send you funny GIFs.

18. You’ve stayed up late talking about sex, relationships, patriarchy and your career.

19. You know what they’re drinking.

20. But probably the most important thing is that you learn from them. Relationships are always about sharing, and what’s the point of having a best friend who doesn’t make you want to be better and who doesn’t teach you new things?