19 Ways To Live An Ordinary Life And Never Reach Your Potential


If you want to live an extraordinary life, then you’re going to have to do the things most people simply aren’t willing to do.

Obvious, right? And if you want to live an average life — then simply follow the norm, do the bare minimum and spend your time complaining about why it’s not working out.

Either way, we get to choose and are 100% responsible for the life we create. This is either an incredible burden, or a inspiring responsibility.

Here are 19 ways to stay average, feel stuck, and never reach your potential…

1. Wake up at the same time as everyone else does, and start your work at 9:00AM. The research is clear: high performers wake up early. If you’re new to this, simply start by waking up 30 minutes earlier and focusing on you.

2. Do the bare minimum — enough not to get noticed and never cause a stir. The average love being lost in the middle by barely scraping by.

3. Believe everyone is out to get you, and play the victim card as often as possible. Playing victim is seductive, until we realize it leaves us powerless.

4. Wait to “feel” like doing something before getting started or executing on it. The average sit around waiting to feel inspired to start their business, launch their YouTube channel or even ask him or her out on a date.

5. Always search for the easiest path possible — looking for a shortcut to any result. The average are obsessed with comfort and are constantly seeking the easy way out.

6. Never take personal responsibility and accountability, but blame others. It’s always someone else’s fault: the boss, your ex, the teacher who you can’t stand.

7. Gossip about the people around you, your boss, the ex that did you wrong 14 years ago. Those who stay stuck in life are always re-living the past and finding ways to blame others for their lack of results.

8. Put yourself in rooms of average achievers — so you feel right at home. If you surround yourself with a bunch of deadbeats living in their parent’s basement, you feel better about yourself.

9. Consume useless information in the realms of celebrity news, movies, sports gossip, and politics. The average are obsessed with cheap information that clutters the mind but does little to make them think bigger.

10. Never take action on what you really want — or get honest with yourself in the first place. It’s much easier to live in confusion than doing the hard work of asking the question: what do I really want for my life?

11. Bicker, complain and feel entitled when someone else gets the chance and achieves a win. The average see the world through scarcity: if someone else wins, then I lose.

12. Eat crappy foods, get high off sugar and wreck all of the mental and physical bandwidth available to you. We have one temple, one body. If we can’t treat ourselves with respect, how can we expect others to?

13. Be a starter, but never finish. Allow circumstances to always get in the way, and make countless excuses. The mediocre love to start, but never finish anything. Along the way, they create excuses to feel better about their lack of completion.

14. Spend your precious time bringing others down — finding ways to spread negativity and criticism. The ordinary love to bring others down on a daily basis, instead of lifting those around them up.

15. Avoid tough conversations with others that must be had — and most importantly, with the person in the mirror. You know that one conversation, right? The one you’ve been putting off for so long.

16. Instead of answering life’s toughest questions — distract yourself as soon as they come up and drown them out with noise.

17. Follow the herd constantly, instead of trusting your inner voice and guidance. The average live their lives chasing other’s approval and agendas, even if they hate what they’re doing.

18. Let others define success for you, and live a life that someone else wanted for you — your parents, your social circle, society. Do you really think you’ll be happy living someone else’s life?

19. Fall in love with (perceived) security and always take the ‘safe’ path — even though part of you is screaming not to. The last way to stay stuck is to follow the perfectly trimmed safe path society, parents and teachers have created for you.

If these behaviors light you up — more power to you. But here’s the truth: a lot of people “want” to be extraordinary — until it’s time to do what extraordinary people do.

There’s a reason only 5% of people achieve any of their dreams, goals, and desires. Because the rest aren’t willing to go above and beyond and do what’s required to live an extraordinary life.