19 Ways To Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever


Before stepping into the New Year, remind yourself to forgive the mistakes and let go of any regrets from the past year and allow yourself to start fresh on January 1st. If you needed a few more ideas of how to better yourself in 2019, have a look at the following list and don’t be afraid to welcome change into your life:

1. Adjust your expectations and think from a realistic point of view. Being creative and imaginative is not wrong, but sometimes you need to suck it up and grow up just a little in order to live your life the way you want to.

2. Believe in yourself and whatever it is you are talented in. Be your own advocate and don’t stop pursuing the things you are truly passionate about.

3. Invest more time and money in taking care of yourself. Exercise and eat right because as long as you are healthy and strong, you are capable of conquering all obstacles.

4. Adopt a more positive attitude. Leave the house with a smile on your face each morning and watch how the world around you will suddenly turn brighter and seem easier to navigate through.

5. Appreciate the true beauty of endings. Let go of the fear you feel when a relationship or an era runs its course. An ending is a sign of growing and moving forward in life.

6. Learn how to live on a budget. Change the ways you spend your money and look for ways to start saving for the really important stuff like life-changing vacations or much-needed kits for your hobby.

7. Be more present and grateful for what you already have. Try to worry less about the future or the past and live in the now. Appreciate your surroundings and the people by your side.

8. Challenge yourself by going fully sober. Whether it’s a week, a month, or more, a period without alcohol or any other kinds of drugs will help you understand to see that you never needed them anyway.

9. Expand your cooking skills. It’s easy to make excuses but whenever you find some time, try a new recipe or two. Try meal-prepping for work or school.

10. Stop comparing your life to everybody else’s. You are not here to prove anything to anyone. You are here to have a good time and to go at your own speed.

11. Be more engaged with what is happening in the world. It’s not a good idea to be oblivious to what is happening around you. Stay informed and educate yourself.

12. Learn the basics of a new language or brush up on an old one. Some say that the more languages a person knows, the more cultures their mind can explore and the more lives they can live.

13. Organize your work space and of course your life. Keep a calendar and write down activities, events, lists, and other things you wish to remember. Stop being late everywhere you go.

14. Stick to your word and keep your promises. Be someone other people can depend on and stop running away from having to interact with your peers.

15. Embrace each challenge and don’t be afraid of failing. It really doesn’t matter how many times you fall; what matters is how many times you are willing to get back up.

16. Speak up for yourself. Defend your choices and stand by your decisions. Life is a constant lesson and everybody is learning as they go.

17. Be willing to laugh at yourself when things don’t go as planned. Remember that it’s OK to laugh at the madness and the messiness life sometimes brings.

18. Make time for the people who matter most. Be there when they ask you to and don’t take their love for granted.

19. Just breathe. Focus on letting things be and try not to get too worked up.