2 Reasons We Need To Stop Sugar Coating Time


This isn’t a fucking bakery, so don’t sugar coat shit by saying “just give it time”, “in due time”, “just be patient (s)he’ll come along” blah blah. We spend a lot of our life just… waiting. We wait for things to fall into place. We feel like if we’re “patient” good things will come. Yeah, we’ll, no.  I’m here to remind you that good things come to those who work their asses off to get it! The concept of time is both a dazzling and dizzying idea because it soothes our mind but sickens our heart. We have this idea that we want to wait for the “right time” to make our big decision, aka big move. We act as if we are simply moving through time like a ship on water, which says “time is like a river.” But time will always be one step ahead of us, because time is spread out through all different directions and it’s up to you to make the choice of which direction you’ll venture in. Going amongst your daily life waiting, only means you aren’t making your own opportunities. I’ve noticed this constant belief of time in all relationships. The trick is to enjoy time without wishing it away waiting for a better moment to come along. Do you ever stop to find out that you allow timing to play such an imperative role in your life? I’ll give you 2 main reasons why you shouldn’t allow time to affect your decisions.

1. Time, can be a bitch

And it will be if you LET IT BE. Let’s use relationships as an example: If you believe it’s either too soon or the wrong time to get serious… then, just face the cold hard truth, it’s just the wrong person. The person that is undeniably right for you causes you to naturally dismiss any previous preconceived plans or beliefs, just to follow each other for an uncertain future together without a step back. See, love is timeless. Whether you’re deciding to make her / him your girlfriend or boyfriend, or saying “I love you” or moving in together, or to get engaged & married, these are all decisions you will need to inevitably make. Okay, sure, you need to give such serious decisions sufficient thought, but you shouldn’t ever hesitate without any true cause other than the fear of making a mistake.  Love doesn’t do that. Hesitation shows uncertainty. By waiting for the right time basically says “I’m always going to be there for you but only if I have the time for you”

I mean, you just won the lottery, the mega millions, why would you wait around for the “right time” to cash in the winning numbers?

2. Time is one step ahead of you

Your alarm clock will usually go off before you’re awake. We lose loved ones “way too early.” Unplanned pregnancies happen more often than not. You’re waiting for that last hour so you can start getting ready to clock out but you still have another hour to go, so you wait and watch the clock. Most of us are slaves to time. Life is timeless. Death is timeless. Love is timeless. Time will always be one step ahead, and she doesn’t give a shit if you’re at her speed. She just keeps on keepin’ on. If you want it to happen, then, it should.

The right time is a figment of your imagination. An excuse we tell ourselves to feel a little less, cold. All time disappears when you find the right person. You aren’t worried about fitting them into a list of complexities in your planner, because it naturally happens. They just become a part of your schedule. In all honesty, the right person isn’t going to make you feel like they’re standing in the way of your dreams and wants. They become motivation to keep doing better and to keep trying to improve yourself because you have all of the time in the world with them. When “it’s not the right time” it means that they’re just not the right person. They may be right but not right for you and that’s okay. But the secret to having it all is acting like you already do. Do me this favor and understand that there will never be a magical time when the universe heals all of your wounds or answers all of your questions.  But there will be a person that walks into your life that makes the issue of time irrelevant for the simple fact of not wanting to waste another minute and knows that sometimes the “magic” you’ve waiting for is just you seizing the moment and making it yours!