20 Emotions Only People Who Love Winter Will Understand


A few weeks ago, fellow TC writer Kovie Biakolo wrote a funny piece titled 17 Emotions Only People Who Hate Winter Experience, in which she listed all the reasons winter should be abolished as a season. While all of her reasons were quite valid (the desire to cancel meetings to avoid going outside is very real), I can’t sit idly by and watch my favorite season be criticized without offering some sort of defense. As one of those people that love winter, it’s my job to, as Biakolo aptly writes, “insist on trying to convince you to love winter too.”

1. When the first snowfall hits and you’re left gaping at the sky in wonder, captivated by the Earth’s ability to turn water into these icy sprinkles.

2. The blast of cold air that washes over you when you open your front door, filling your lungs, and you, with a renewed appreciation for that “fresh air” your mother was always telling you about.

3. The moment you step in from the cold and feel your skin tingle with appreciation.

4. When the thought of going to the beach in the summer invades your mind and you can practically feel the sand crawling up your back, into your hair and your most private crevices. (“How did sand even get up there??”)

5. When you wear nicknames like “snow bunny” like a badge of honor.

6. The feeling of absolute security you have when you fall back onto a mound of untouched snow. Each individual snowflake is like a friend, waiting with open arms to catch you in their pillow-y embrace. Thank you, little white angels.

7. Knowing that, when a weekend snowstorm comes around and you immediately bundle up under a few blankets with a cup of tea and a good book (or a tablet supplied with working Wi-Fi and Netflix, if you’re not into that “reading” thing) that no one will judge you for it, not even your cat.

8. The desperation you feel when you’re sprawled out on your porch in nothing but a sweaty loincloth during a summer heat wave, wishing that winter would come early and relieve you of this slow and painful death.

9. When your town adorns the buildings and trees with Christmas lights, turning it into a legitimate winter wonderland and bringing tears to your eyes.

10. Making newsworthy sculptures out of snow, sitting inside them, and feeling like a bona fide Eskimo for a few hours. “You built this city…you built this city…you built this city with rock and snow!”

11. Rushing to your nearest coffee shop for your favorite winter beverage and melting when the first drop hits your tongue. Two-thousand calories never tasted so good.

12. Jumping for joy at the thought of being able to wear cute boots and winter scarves for another few months. Bikini season can wait.

13. The tranquility of walking along a quiet, frozen beach.

14. The happiness you experience from the temporary mass extinction of bees, that allows you to frolic across fields and hang out in your backyard without fear (but with a couple of extra layers).

15. The freedom to wear ugly-yet-comfortable sweaters without shame is enacted every time the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Let those singing reindeer shirts see the light of day, for once.

16. The irrational feeling of success you experience when you cup two handfuls of snow together and feel them crunch into place, creating the perfect snowball.

17. Knowing that you can leave you can leave your legs unshaven for long stretches of time and no one will witness your transformation into a grizzly bear.

18. Drier skin means less sweat and oil which means fewer opportunities for pimples to declare a hostile takeover of your face. Being in control of your skin is so empowering.

19. The satisfaction of slipping frozen toes into fuzzy slippers and feeling the fur hug your skin.

20. Having the unspoken permission to lounge around in sweatpants and sweatshirts all day and gorging yourself on comfort food.