20 Game Of Thrones Puns To Prepare You For The Season Finale


The fourth season of Game of Thrones is ending! Here are 20 puns to celebrate the show so far.

1. I hope this doesn’t Robb you of any surprises.

2. Seeing Jon Snow gives me a lot of Gayjoy.

3. Seriously, let’s see him Sansa clothes.

4. We’d give the night something to watch.

5. Oh, Snow I didn’t! 

6. I bet he Ygrittes joining the Wildlings. 

7. I did not Cersei the Purple Wedding coming.

8. Lady Olenna is leaving?! Arya kidding me?! 

9. Oh yeah, Daario. Do what you do best and get Stark naked.

10. Daenerys is the Besteros.

11. Too bad Jorah will never get a piece of her Hot Pie. 

12. Jojen is looking a little ill. He should put more Bran in his diet.

13. These working conditions don’t seem safe. Someone call Osha right now! 

14. Tyrion always throws serious Shae at the dumb people in King’s Landing. 

15. He should exercise so he can have the Bronn to match his brains. 

16. I bet Theon wishes he could be set Joffrey.

17. But he’s still under Locke and key.

18. Lysa Arryn’s breastfeeding is certainly Eyrie.

19. This isn’t going to end Samwell.

20. I Rickon that next season will be even better.

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