20 Hilarious, Awkward Times People Got Caught Being Scandalous On The Internet


1. College Hooper Wins Championship, Thanks Jesus & His Girlfriend–Immediately Gets Exposed By Woman He’s Been Contacting, Who Shares Some Of Their Text/Picture Message Interaction

2. Mario Chalmers Of The Miami Heat Calls The Bluff Of Some Wishful Thinking, Non-Bottle Popping Ladies

3. Girl Code Meets Relationship Code

4. Persistence

5. Dwight Howard May Not Win A Championship Ring But He Certainly Got A Victory In This Brutal, Short Interaction.

6. Incredibly Calm Person Has The Patience And Wherewithal To Snap A Shot Of Busted, Cheating Significant Other

7. For Those Wondering, “The Pipe” Is A Reference To His Man Parts. Ah, In The NBA He Plays The Guard Position, But Off The Court He’s Clearly Forward

8. Tattle Train

9. Ice T’s Wife Coco Seen In Multiple Photos That Aren’t Appropriate For A Married Woman, Then Called Out For Requesting One Of Them Be Removed

10. More Persistence

11. According To A Follow Up Tweet, This Brittany Perry Gal Deleted The Status After Being Called Out.

12. Amar’e Stoudemire’s Direct Message To A Fan Is Captured And Shared After He Uses An Offensive Term Towards A Critical Fan.

13. Hockey Player Paul Bissonnette Humiliates Bold Talking Fan Who Ends Up Deleting His Twitter Account.

14. One Person’s Accident Is Another Person’s… Attention?”

15. You Can Walk A Mile In Someone’s Shoes Or Steal A Photo Of Their Extensive Sneaker Collection On Instagram.

16. Piers Morgan Takes Off The Gloves

17.It’s Worth Noting That This Guy Allegedly Had A Girlfriend, Which Gives Him Even Less Business To Ask This Type Of Question

18. What’s Worse, Him Trying To Approach Sisters Or Her Use Of “Really Doe?”

19. Same Time Timmy.

20.Married Woman Adultery Email

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