20 Little Things That Would Make 20-Somethings Happier If They Just Did Them More


1. Sing. In front of the mirror, in your car, while making coffee. Just let it all out.

2. Dance. Music is everywhere and it is so important. Just let your body flow without worrying about looking cool or grinding on anybody. The only judgement that counts is yourself, and when you get into your groove you don’t have time to stop and perfect it.

3. Paint. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, just draw or color or paint. You can use your fingers or your body or paintbrushes but let yourself get creative. Be proud of what you imagine.

4. Develop Photographs. Take photos of everyone and everything, then physically hold them in your hand to remember and keep. Share them when you get older with your kids or your significant other. Your life may change, but these photographs will always remind you of what you felt when it was happening.

5. Be Honest with Yourself. If you aren’t being the best possible version of you that there can be, then you need to sit down and change things. Being someone else is a waste of a good soul.

6. Write. Journal your feelings please, not your food.

7. Be Alone. Sleep alone, be alone, eat alone. Get to know yourself because learning to love yourself is the only way you can learn to love another.

8. Try Something New. Sign up for classes at a community college. Try a yoga class even though you are incredibly inflexible. Do something new to broaden your perspective.

9. Volunteer.
Do something that’s close to your heart. Change lives and provide happiness to others. Do this because you want to, not because your sorority will kick you out if you don’t.

10. Have a Sleepover. Gather up your friends and just watch your favorite movies. Set up sleeping bags, make popcorn, order pizza and talk the night away. Remember what it was like when you were younger and every Friday night was just like this.

11. Road Trip. Pack a change of clothes, set up a long Spotify playlist and just drive. Drive until you can’t keep your eyes open. Maybe even do this alone so that you gain a sense of independence that no one else can give you.

12. Slow Down. No one has it figured out in their Twenties. Don’t expect yourself to have it all together either. Growing up means getting less alone time, less free time. Take advantage of your youth and just let things go naturally.

13. Support One Another. Stop competing in petty “Who’s got it worse?” contests. Everyone is fighting their own battles and no one needs to get told that theirs don’t matter.

14. Repair Things. Don’t spend more money on a new phone just because the screen cracked, try and get it fixed. Breathe new life into an old object that otherwise would be thrown away.

15. Read. Do not pick up a textbook and say that you have read recently. Go to the library and get a good mystery or romance novel and sit down. Devote your evenings to traveling to another world in your mind.

16. Stop Talking. Silence is not uncomfortable. It does not need to be filled and your opinion does not always need to be heard.

17. Listen. If you are stuck and need advice, listen to others who have gone through what you are going through. Do not interrupt someone who is excited about telling you a story just because they have already told it to you. Try to listen to what your grandparents tell you about history because it may come in handy one day.

18. Be Strong. Do not let others tell you that your mental disease is not real. Do not let someone get away with treating you less than you deserve. Demand respect and kindness from others you treat with the same values.

19. Get Informed. You do not feel depressed, you are depressed. You cannot self-diagnose an illness, so don’t be pretentious and say that you have. Learn about your local politicians and their beliefs. Get involved in ways that affect your life.

20. Day Dream. If you want to be an actress, don’t get an office job. Don’t let your dreams be a memory, let them be motivation for you to work harder until they become a reality for you.