20 Little Ways Every 20-Something Girl Can Make Her Life Better Right Now


1. Be your own hype girl
If you’re looking for affirmation from others, resist the constant need for their approval. Rather, become your own hype girl by continuously reminding yourself how beautiful, talented, and worthy you are.

2. Forgive people who hurt you
Remember that girl from college who was always throwing shade your way in an effort to derail your happiness? It’s time to forgive her and realize how much better off you are now. Chances are life caught up with her anyway.

3. Do your best
I don’t mean this in the cliché way your parents used to tell you to do your best before a big spelling test in fifth grade. I mean do your best to live meaningfully, while making a concerted effort to be a good person.

4. Take a career risk
If you’ve been contemplating a new field of work or finally realized your job doesn’t make you happy, try something different. Stop agonizing over the decision, and just do it.

5. Befriend someone older than you
Find a mentor. Ask questions, seek guidance, listen to stories, and revel in the wisdom only age and experience provide.

6. Don’t take sh*t from anyone
Stop letting people dictate your happiness, your feelings, and your life.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others
The only person you should focus on is yourself. Pay no mind to how other people’s lives are shaping up. What they do doesn’t affect you anyway.

8. Do something that scares you
If you’re scared of being alone, break up with the guy you only stayed with out of familiarity. If you want to move across the country but are fearful of the unknown, take a leap of faith.

9. Travel alone
Buy a cheap plane ticket or take your car and venture somewhere you’ve never been. Use this time to decompress and reflect on life. Recognize the beauty of solitude.

10. Let go of a tumultuous relationship
It’s time to forget about the guy who only texts you when he wants something or the ex that continues to crawl back to you after he is dumped. Remember why things didn’t work out in the first place, and allow yourself to finally move on.

11. Take care of yourself
You probably treated your body horribly in college, binge eating Cheetos at 2 AM after a long night of drinking. Now is the time to watch what you eat, work out, and get enough sleep. It’s okay to be selfish when it comes to being your best self.

12. Remind yourself jealousy is unattractive
No one wants to hear you gossip about others, put strangers down, or display insufferable amounts of negativity. It’s unattractive. Don’t do it.

13. Invest in meaningful relationships
Life is busy, and it often seems hard to make time for our friends and family. A simple text, unexpected kind gesture, or meaningful effort to connect goes a long way, so don’t forget to do the little things.

14. Stop apologizing for your who are
If people don’t like who you are, they probably never will, so stop trying to change for them. Be the best version of yourself without compromising what makes you special.

15. Read often
This doesn’t mean reading the latest issue of US Weekly. This means going to the bookstore, asking an employee for suggestions, and diving into a good book.

16. Find the one thing in life that excites you
Take time to reflect on what makes you happy. Make a list. Experiment and fail and experiment again. Just don’t give up on finding your most gratifying source of happiness.

17. Stop obsessing over social media
Remember, people on social media only present the most filtered, carefully curated versions of themselves online. Please top thinking their lives are better than yours and instead be thankful for everything in your life. Likes don’t matter anyway.

18. Go at your own pace
So what if you’re 28-years-old and enjoy going out on weekends and don’t have a serious boyfriend? There’s no timetable on settling down.

19. Focus on the now
Despite our very best efforts to map out every juncture of our lives, the truth is we cannot predict what will happen. Enjoy the stage of life you’re currently in.

20. Breathe
Take a deep breath and relax. Everything will be okay.