20 New Upcoming Books To Add To Your 2020 Reading List


2020 has finally arrived, and that also means lots of new books will be released. Trying to hold back my excitement as I type this. If you love reading then behold; I made a list of upcoming books that you must add to your reading list, and I included something for everyone— true stories, fiction, romance, memoirs, mysteries, and thrillers.

1. Long Bright River by Liz Moore

This is the story of two sisters. Kacey, an addict. The other, Mickey, a police officer. They don’t speak anymore, but Mickey never stops worrying about her sister. Then Kacey disappears, suddenly, at the same time that a mysterious string of murders begin and Mickey becomes dangerously obsessed with finding her sister–before it’s too late.

2. Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie Wrobel

For eighteen years of her life, Rose believed she was seriously ill. She used a wheelchair and practically lived at the hospital. But no matter how many tests, or surgeries, no one could figure out what was wrong with her. Turns out her mom, Patty Watts, was just a really good liar. And after serving five years in prison, Patty gets out and begs her daughter to take her in. Rose has been waiting on her mother to come home so she can finally have her revenge.

3. The Women With Silver Wings by Katherine Sharp Landdeck 

This is an inspiring story of women who served their country and fought to prove that women aviators are just as skilled and able as men. This is the story of the women veterans our country forgot. More than 1,100 female pilots served during WWII, and 38 of them did not survive the war. Although they were not authorized to fly in combat, the Women Airforce Service Pilots were instrumental in training pilots and ferrying bombers and supplies across the country.

4. The Girl With The Louding Voice by Abi Dare

This is the story of Adunni, a fourteen-year-old Nigerian girl who knows what she wants: an education and to follow her dreams. She is sold into marriage and driven into servitude, however, she never gives up her fight to find her voice. She was determined to get an education so that she can choose her own future.

5. Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

This book is inspired by the true story of twelve-year-old Edward Adler. He, his older brother, his parents, and 183 other passengers board a flight in Newark headed for Los Angeles. And tragically, the plane crashes. Edward is the sole survivor. This is the heartbreaking story of a young boy as he struggles to find a place for himself in a world without his family.

6. Malorie by Josh Malerman

When Bird Box was released on Netflix, it became an instant sensation. Now author Josh Malerman wrote a sequel. This next installment centers around Malorie—the blindfolded woman as she navigates the terrors of the near-future apocalypse.

7. Night Theater by Vikram Paralkar

In a rural Indian village, a surgeon is ready to leave work and go home for the night when a family appears at his clinic. They have recently been murdered, but explain to the surgeon that if he can fix their injuries before sunrise, they will live again. However, the surgeon isn’t fully prepared for the task: he has only one assistant and very limited supplies.

8. The Better Liar by Tanen Jones

This is the story of two sisters. Robin ran away and has been gone for 10 years, and Leslie stayed to take care of their father.  Before their father passed away, he told Leslie that his money will be split between her and Robin. However, Robin has to come back home to claim the money or neither of them can claim their half. Leslie packs her bags to look for Robin, but she finds her sister dead. Leslie conceals her sister’s death then she finds someone to pretend to be Robin so she can claim the money.

9. A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende

The setting of the novel is in the late 1930s when the civil war gripped Spain. This novel is about a couple, Victor and Roser who flee the Spanish Civil War to Chile, only to later find themselves endangered once again under the Pinochet dictatorship. The story is fictional but the events and historical characters are real.

10. The City We Became by N.K. Jemisin

The New Yorkers don’t know what lies ahead of them, and the city they call home faces an existential threat that could wipe out everyone and everything in it. A roiling, ancient evil stirs beneath the earth, threatening to destroy the city and her five protectors unless they can come together and stop it once and for all.

11. The Glass Hotel by Emily St. John Mandel

Vincent is a bartender at a 5-star hotel, and while working there she gets involved with the owner of the establishment. They get married and her life is spun out in unexpected ways as she enters a world of lies and untold riches.

12. Writers and Lovers by Lily King

Casey Peabody, a 31-year old protagonist moves to Cambridge after the death of her mother, and the story follows her as she is trying to finish a novel she’s been writing for six years while balancing waiting tables in Harvard Square. But when Casey falls for two very different men at the same time, her world fractures even more.

13. Run Me to Earth by Paul Yoon

This novel starts out in Laos in 1969 and is the survival story of three teenage orphans. Tons of bombs were being dropped and many of them never detonated so they lived in a state of constant danger. The three boys must do what is necessary to survive; they run errands, fetch medical supplies, etc back and forth from one field hospital to another.

14. The Adventurer’s Son by Roman Dial 

This is the true story of Cody, the twenty-seven-year-old son of Alaskan scientist Roman Dial. Cody walked alone into Corcovado National Park, an untracked rainforest in Costa Rica, and he told his family that he planned to go through the Jungle in four days and be out on the fifth day. After a week passed his family had not heard from him. Was he kidnapped? Did someone kill him? With all unanswered questions, his father went to Costa Rica to look for his son, but all his efforts were fruitless.

15. Something She Is Not Telling Us by Darcey Bell

Charlotte has a successful flower shop, an artistic husband, and a daughter named Daisy. When her brother introduces his new girlfriend Ruth to the family, it becomes obvious to Charlotte that Ruth seems to be obsessed with her daughter. Suddenly, Daisy gets kidnapped, and Charlotte is pretty sure she knows who committed the heinous crime.

16. A Beautiful Crime by Christopher Bollen

Nick Brink and Clay Guillory left New York to go to Venice, where they plan to make a fortune selling counterfeit antiquities. They try to swindle a millionaire and get enough money to run away together forever and be free. What will happen if they get caught though? This is a fast-paced suspenseful thriller and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat never knowing what will happen next

17. Apeirogon by Colum Mccann

Two men, Bassam Aramin (Palestinian), Rami Elhanan (Israeli) find themselves drawn together by loss. Both had beautiful daughters that suffered terrible deaths; one was killed by a rubber bullet and the other became the victim of suicide bombers. When Bassam and Rami learned of each other’s stories, they recognize the loss that connects them and they attempt to use their grief as a weapon for peace.

18. The Majesties by Tiffany Tsao

Sisters Gwendolyn and Estella were born into a rich and powerful family. In the first sentence of the first chapter, Gwendolyn, reveals that her sister Estella poisoned three hundred people. But what could have led Estella to carry out that massacre?

19. Dreamland by Nancy Bilyeau

Peggy is sent to spend the summer in the luxurious Oriental Hotel located a mile from Coney Island, and she’s not happy about it – that is until she falls in love with a troubled pier-side artist of humble means, whom the Batternberg patriarchs would surely disapprove of. When bodies start piling up in the summer heat, Peggy has to untangle a web of deceit before she or those she loves end up dead.

20. Death In Her Hands by Ottessa Moshfegh

An elderly widow whose life is upturned when she found a note during her normal daily walk with her dog in the woods. The note said: “Her name was Magda. Nobody will ever know who killed her. It wasn’t me. Here is her dead body”. After finding that note the elderly widow becomes completely obsessed with solving the mystery of Magda.