20 Often Overlooked Signs That You Value Simplicity In Every Aspect Of Your Life


1. You’ve finally established go-tos. You have go-to meals you like, and can make quickly. You have go-to friends to spend time with on Thursday night when you don’t want to move, but want company with your wine. For that matter, you a have go-to wine.

2. You’ve gotten rid of all your paperwork from five years ago. And the paperwork that’s left – a lovely gathering of Time Warner bills and your recent tax returns is ORGANIZED, even if that concept was foreign to you a year ago.

3. You own things that are necessary for house guests. When people come to visit you have extra towels and aren’t running around trying to find a blanket that hopefully got washed after your last beach trip of the summer.

4. You’ve weeded out all the contacts from your phone that you’ll never use. You’ve cut your losses and realized you’re never going to call your mechanic from your college town, or text the mother of the cute 3-year-old you used to babysit for.

5. You have an emergency kit for every facet of your life: A first aid kit, an emotional emergency kit that’s more elaborate than a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, and maybe even some extra water in case of an impending hurricane, an earthquake or the apocalypse.

6. You’ve synced up your calendar on every form of technology. Your calendar reminders pop up on your phone and computer every time you open them, and while it’s annoying as hell, it gets you to things on time and saves you worrying whether you’ll be late.

7. You have a budget, and living within your means eliminates your end of the month anxiety.

8. You’ve learned to part with the things you wish you had a use for, but don’t. You don’t have three spatulas, and you don’t have recent texts to the last three people you hooked up with. You’re decluttering your personal life, and your apartment.

9. Your cleaning methods have come a long way, and are more involved than just putting all your stuff into organized, symmetrical piles.

10. Your guilty pleasure is minimalist, lifestyle Instagram accounts and your addiction is just getting more and more pronounced.

11. Your wardrobe is filled with pieces that go with a lot of different things, and can fit different occasions. You own mostly day-to-night outfits, and might even change your closets seasonally.

12. You’re done with the dramatic relationships in your life. You aren’t going to make time for someone out of obligation to a friend’s friend.

13. You’ve taught yourself to be a forward thinker. You play the tape of your relationships all the way through to the end before making decisions. You do tasks ahead of time, instead of leaving them until the last minute of your deadline.

14. You have specific places to put everything so that you’re not constantly looking for your keys, glasses, wallet and phone when you need to leave your house.

15. You have a good rapport with everyone you work with because being friendly with people is so much easier than being jaded for petty things. You take responsibility for your actions and people know you are accountable. You’ve created a low drama work environment.

16. You step up to tasks because it’s easier than dealing with the fact that no one else will volunteer.

17. You’re picky about how you fill up your calendar. You’ve stopped saying yes to everything just to appease people. Your weeks aren’t sparse, but there’s time for last minute plans or time to yourself.

18. You’ve donated and gotten rid of the shit you’ve been dragging from apartment to apartment since you’ve moved out of your parents house. You no longer have room in your life for your ex’s sweatshirt, 3rd grade memorabilia, or any of the other crap your parent’s finally made you remove from their basement.

19. You no longer ask permission before taking action. You make choices yourself, and feel confident enough to execute them without waiting for someone else to sign off on them.

20. You’re not only comfortable being alone, you’re comfortable with silence, with friends or by yourself.