20 People Explained Exactly What They Think The Meaning Of Life Is


Answers found on Ask Reddit

1.In my years on this earth I’ve come to realize everything is meaningless.”

2. “Being happy.”

3. “Maybe the meaning is to just keep going.”

4.Finding fulfilling things and fulfilling people.”

5. “I live by the 2 phrases: ‘Life is a joke’ and ‘A joke is a Very Serious Thing.'”

6. “Doesn’t have one. I don’t mean this in a depressed or sad way. I simply live life day to day.”

7. “The kids. The purpose of the species seems to be to procreate, my specific purpose is to get my own little crotch spawn safely to adulthood with minimal fuck ups. Having a laugh along the way helps.”

8. “[Mine is] being a good father and raising my sons to be caring, honest and respectful humans.”

9.Instead of looking for a meaning of life, people should look for their own reasons for living. The latter doesn’t need to be grand, or heroic, or romantic, or deeply philosophical or spiritual, but it does need to be personal/be self-generated to make it feel like living is more than an act of inertia.”

10. “Basically to enjoy the ride while it lasts.”

11. “Helping others.”

12.I think that the meaning of life is searching for the meaning of life itself.”

13. “The meaning of my life is to enjoy the ride and make the world a little bit better than it would have been without me.”

14. “It seems to me that life wants to live, and a driving force for life is to reproduce. So to be kinda circular about it, the meaning of life is to live and keep on living. But on a more personal level, each person must find their own meaning, a purpose, or fulfilling role.”

15. “I’ve learned that the meaning of life isn’t just one aspiration but a set of ideas and actions we need to understand to benefit ourselves and our communities. In other words, we build meaning in our lives by what we do.”

16. “To me it’s about reclaiming my freedom and nurturing my relationship with myself. Its about realizing that amidst all else that’s transient, I am the only person who will be with me throughout.”

17.Your relationships with the people around you. Nothing else is important at the end of the day.”

18. “Stars, the atoms, the sea… things are what they are and react to their environment because of their nature. The Universe is a clock with atomic cogs and that’s it.”

19.Enjoy the little things and help others around you have things to enjoy as well.”

20.Life is random, and no matter how hard most of us try, we never reach our goals. Those that do, I’ve noted, are either very lucky, very rich, very famous to begin with, or any combination of these.”