20 People Reveal The Tiny Life Changes That Completely Transformed Their Lives


Found on Ask Reddit

1. Saying no. It’s incredibly liberating.

— IronicDespair

2. Setting aside a glass of water before I go to sleep for myself in the morning. Nothing wakes me up better.,/h3>
— wrxryuu

3. Stopped smoking cigarettes; just simply doing that has snowballed everything else for me to get healthier.

— spekt50

4. Reading before bed instead of watching Netflix. Fell asleep quicker, woke up feeling better.

— LarryTheTerrier

5. Honestly, I started assuming the best when adding personal intonation to messages that I received in a text format, instead of assuming that the person was being a jerk.

— SouthernSweeetheart

6. Everything that can be done in 2 minutes, do it immediately. I get a lot of questions daily, some can be done fast. Plan the longer ones for later.

— DavidWoei

7. Calming the fuck down while driving.

— DrSpacemanSpliff

8. Putting a treadmill near the basement TV. So many calories burned just doing what I’d normally do.

— wiiya

9. Sleep more. Used to sleep 4-5 hours a night. Couldn’t concentrate, exhausted, my cycle was messed up (3 months between) and I was sick all the time. Now I get 7-8 hours a night. I feel so much better.

— Muffin278

10. Everytime I’m angry at someone for something I try to give it 20 mins before I say or do something. Usually I’ve cooled off or the situation has been explained. If not my argument/grievance is articulated way better than it would have been.

— ARC-Pooper

11. Stopped with the victim mentality and stopped looking for someone to ‘take care of me’ with things that I am more than capable of doing myself.

— 951753auto

12. Moisturizer. Slug life all day every day my guys.

— Auracity

13. Making an effort to at least be in the same room as my husband while he’s doing something.

— imperfectchicken

14. Realizing that it’s not about motivation, it’s about discipline. I may never want to exercise, or do chores around the house, but I do need to get it done so I make sure it happens.

— jeff409

15. Saying “what if it works out” instead of “what if it doesn’t work out.” Helps a bunch.

— 5in1st3r

16. All my socks are the same brand and color. Trying to match socks after a wash is for suckers.

— DoctorRimJob

17. Changing my alarm clock from a tinny metallic brain fucker to an alarm which slowly lights up the room and plays some relaxing rainforest sounds over the course of 30 mins.

— RobloxPornAccount

18. Know your job requirements and do them, only taking on more if it will be enjoyable.

— Oregonguy1954

19. Do your work at work and your home at home. Don’t take work home. Stay at work until you are done.

— Oregonguy1954

20. Adopt an internal locus of control. You are responsible for your life. No one holds a gun to your head and makes you work anywhere. You don’t like it, find another job. You hate your life, move somewhere else and start over. Even the things we cannot control, like, say, cancer, we do decide how to respond.

— Oregonguy1954 [tc-wire]