20 Perfect Things I’ve Realized Gilmore Girls Has Taught Me Since News Of Its Revival


1. I am not alone in my coffee obsession.

2. All you need is one person irrevocably in your corner.

3. GRADUATIONS ARE EMOTIONAL. If you have not seen Rory’s valedictorian speech/her mother’s reaction to it, you have not LIVED.

4. You can, and probably will, date EXTREMELY different types of people.

5. It’s okay to say no to a wedding proposal if you’re 22 and not ready. You can love someone but want to be young and have your own life first.

6. You also probably shouldn’t lose your virginity to your married ex-boyfriend, even if he got married at 19 and you “had him first”.

7. It’s never too late to create a fun catchphrase. OY WITH THE POODLES ALREADY, Y’ALL.

8. Diner foods are good for your soul.

9. You should hang out with your grandparents as much as you can. Most grandparents adore you just for existing.

10. Graduating college and not having a job is terrifying. It works out, however, and then you can casually work for Barack Obama.

11. There is nothing like some good sass.

12. Hell hath no fury like a good, single mother.

13. People who you can’t count on are everywhere and you should not expect them to change their ways. (COUGH CHRISTOPHER COUGH).

14. If you only have one reliable and unconditionally loving parent, that is beyond enough.

15. It’s never too late to get a pet! #PaulAnka

16. Sometimes when you’re running late on the day of a very important test, a deer will run itself into your mom’s Jeep.

17. Sometimes people will have a hard time showing that they love you (i.e. Luke Danes). They’re doing their best.

18. Some people cannot not wear their hats backwards (i.e. Luke Danes).

19. Apparently sometimes you can have a kid and NOT EVEN KNOW! (i.e. Luke Danes).

If you’re lucky, you’ll find your way back to the diner owner you are meant to be with.