20 Reasons Dating A Homebody Is Better


1. It’s almost guaranteed they have either a Netflix or HBO Go account. Maybe even both.

2. They know every single restaurant that delivers within a certain radius.

3. If a homebody has chosen you, it means you did something so impressive, it was enough for them to leave the cave for a bit to meet you. Honestly, it just speaks volumes about how awesome you are. You got a homebody to go on a date? Like, in public? You must be some sort of God, or close to it.

4. They have the best, comfiest pillows and blankets of anyone in town. They could put Ikea out of business.

5. They completely support you going out and having girls/boys night.

6. Homebodies are usually pro cuddlers/snugglers. It’s like an Olympic sport to them.

7. They are well versed in pop culture. This could range from discussing in great detail the latest New York Times best seller, or whatever bat shit crazy thing Justin Bieber has just done.

8. They KNOW the Internet. This is their domain, and rest assured, they have a funny meme or GIF for every occasion.

9. Speaking of the internet, they are completely fluent in web lingo. An acronym tripping you up? Your homebody bae will be more than happy to explain bae to you.

10. Because homebodies aren’t usually out THAT often, when they do venture outside with you, you get to be the first one to show them that new cool store you think they’d like, or an awesome Food Truck that just popped up. There’s a satisfaction in showing someone something for the first time, and you get your fair share of that when dating a homebody.

11. Nobody is gonna be dancing with them in the club. Because they aren’t in the club.

12. The homebody isn’t ever going to invite someone out or over without you knowing about it well in advance. No surprise visits from their eccentric Great Aunt that you haven’t heard about it weeks and weeks before.

13. And if people do come to visit, you can be sure your homebody boo is more nervous about it than you are. Even if it’s THEIR family.

14. Homebodies tend to be incredibly loyal. Not to liken anyone to a golden retriever or some shit, but it’s true. If they’ve let you inside their inner circle, they’re going to really guard that and cherish it.

15. They could tell you off-hand the top 5 best movies streaming online right now. In almost any genre. There’s no need to spend hours searching for something to watch. Sit back and enjoy, they’ve got you covered.

16. You’re probably going to be the star of the show when out in social situations. If you enjoy the spotlight, that’s great, because your homebody booboo is happy to shine the light on you.

17. They will always, always, ALWAYS be down for a night in.

18. No, seriously. They actually dream about it.

19. They invest in things to make the home, even…homier. They usually take pride in their home, and put effort into maintaining it.

20. When they DO let loose and go wild, it’s incredibly exciting because it doesn’t happen that often. It’s like witnessing a shooting star or an actually good Katherine Heigl film.