20 Reasons Why Your BFF Makes The Best Valentine


Whether you’re married, dating, or your hottest Valentine’s date is with your morning cup of coffee, you cannot and should not discount the truest love story you’ll ever know. After all, making love’s forever, but friendship… well, you know.

1. Your significant other will watch your Valentine’s Day movie choice because they love you; your best friend will watch it because they love the movie.

2. Your best friend already knows what your favorite flowers are, what kind of candy you’d prefer, and what your favorite restaurant is. If your significant other gets these things right, it might be because they know you well — but it miiiight be because you’re just on a date your BFF planned anyway.

3. There’s no way your best friend will think it’s weird to go halvsies on all of those weird mystery chocolates. Your germs are their germs, and they know the sacred Godiva box is not ruined just because you nibbled at a few stray pieces here and there.

4. Your best friends are the ones who know the ins and outs of your love life. If Valentine’s Day is a day about love, then shouldn’t those people who listen to every minute detail deserve praise of their own?

5. Besides, you can gripe about how your significant other with them. Just because it’s February 14th doesn’t mean you can’t think they’re a little boneheaded.

6. And if you’re single, you can peruse online dating sites together (it’s an activity best done with moral support, anyway.)

7. Order Seamless, grab a few bottles of wine, and call it a night in together. Really, best friends are like a relationship that’s six years in – sweatpants, holey socks, and all. Revel in this comfort for it is truly rare.

8. Every friendship has weathered a few fights, and is made only stronger for that. You’re not afraid to hash stuff out then and there, so even if you get into a fight on Valentine’s Day, you’ll make up and be closer than ever in five minutes. The holiday will not be ruined.

9. Your best friend would crucify you should you ever order something dainty in an effort to impress them at dinner. They probably saw you shove three of those heart-shaped donuts in your face just the day before. They know better than to expect a hot date night.

10. You can cuddle with absolutely no expectation of sex. Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on sex. Nobody performs as well under that pressure.

11. … But you can still give each other the really suggestive “Hey, hot stuff” cards, because it’ll make them laugh until next February.

12. They won’t passive aggressively kick your cat out of bed. Naw, with them, your cat is like their cat, too — and the more, the merrier!

13. You don’t have to feel pressured to buy a new outfit or uncomfortably bunching lingerie for them. Again: Sweatpants. Revel in the unmitigated glory that is sweatpants.

14. Alternatively, if you DO want to dress up, they will appreciate the extra effort. They will know the struggle that is getting dolled up — and they will know the true value and pain that comes with the heels you’re busting out for the occasion.

15. If you want to go out dancing, your BFF will be right there with you in the middle of the dance floor — with nary a complaint about how they “usually don’t dance.”

16. You could literally buy each other a package of Cookie Dough Oreos, and you’d each be more than okay with this token of affection. (Hint, hint.)

17. Why squeeze a manicure in before the date when your manicure could BE your date? Really, best friends just have the right priorities sometimes.

18. Valentine’s Day Falls on a Friday this week — that’s after a lot of work, a lot of meetings, a lot of commuting, and a lot of stress. Why not spend it with somebody who understands you even — and especially when you speak in less than half-formed thoughts.

19. If you feel the need to sing along to a super sappy love song, they won’t wonder if you’re implying just a little too much, but will, instead, just have all. the. feels, too.

15. Saying “I love you” to them has come second nature almost since the day you met. There’s no fumbling over the words. Now, you’re just like, “Hey…” and they’re like, “I know, babes, I know.”