20 Red Flags To Look Out For When You’re Starting A New Job


Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. If the entire atmosphere of the work environment changes the moment the boss walks out onto the floor.

2. If your boss doesn’t take you around to meet your new coworkers.

3. If the company is too “top-heavy” (i.e. has too many owners/bosses), especially if the company is new or small.

4. If you’re expected to start working immediately, without any kind of proper training.

5. If you ask your manager what they see for you in the future and they say something along the lines of, “Doing the exact same thing.”

6. When they straight-up tell you they have a high turnover rate.

7. If there’s a common theme in quite a few of the company’s Glassdoor reviews.

8. If everyone starts gossiping the moment someone leaves the room (because they’re probably gonna do the same thing with you).

9. Supervisors who have a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality.

10. If only a few employees have been there for less than a year and everyone else has been there for 10+ years (because it’s probably an old boy’s club and you’ll never be anything but the “new kid”).

11. If the managers stress how important a work-life balance is during the interview, especially without being prompted (because chances are, they just want you to believe it’s important to them).

12. If they claim that everyone there is like “one big family” — chances are, that means there are boundary issues and drama.

13. If they’re vague about what your role will be in the company.

14. When the boss calls you to offer you a position that suddenly became available because several employees “unexpectedly” quit.

15. If the job description includes the phrase, “email for details.”

16. When the job description uses the phrases, “We work hard and play hard” and “we’re looking for the right rockstar individual.”

17. The way employers talk about potential recruits (specifically if they talk shit about them or mention exploiting them).

18. The words “flexible schedule” usually means you need to be the flexible one for whatever shitty hours they give you.

19. If they say, “Your only limitation is you,” they might just be a pyramid scheme.

20. If your boss offers “incentive programs” that offer coupons to restaurants, it probably means your pay is awful.