20 Signs You And Your Significant Other Are On The Same Team


1. You kill it at Charades, because your partner always knows what you’re trying to say, even if you’re just flailing your hands around like a crazy person.

2. When you have a story to tell your friends, you’ll take turns talking, because you’re genuinly able to finish each other’s sentences.

3. If you forget to wash the dishes one night, it’s no big deal, because your partner will chip in and do the work for you. They know you’d do the same for them.

4. When you go bowling or play beer pong, you’ll joke around and have fun together instead of turning it all into a competition and getting pissed off at each other.

5. You’re able to finish puzzles and beat games that you never could’ve finished on your own, because you’re stronger as a team than you are as individuals.

6. One day, you’ll pick up the bill, and the next day, your partner will pick up the bill. You have a silent agreement to go back and forth.

7. Your partner doesn’t expect you to do all of the work in the bedroom. They’ll do whatever they can to get you off, and then you’ll return the favor.

8. Before you attend an interview or have an important meeting with your boss, they’ll give you a pep talk to remind you of how amazing you are and that they’ll always be there for you.

9. Whenever you see a pair of dancers or an acrobatic couple on America’s Got Talent, you genuinly think you could do what they do, because you believe anything is possible when you’re with your partner.

10. When you play co-op video games, you beat the shit out of all of the computer players, because you two are always in sync. You’re an unbeatable team.

11. When you’re trying to figure out what gift to buy your parents for their anniversary, you put your heads together to think of something extra special.

12. When you get lost during a drive, it doesn’t take you all that long to get back on track, because you’ll man the GPS while your partner mans the wheel.

13. When you play tennis doubles or go canoeing, you make it look effortless, because you know how to use your strengths to work together.

14. Your partner will hold your bag while you’re in the bathroom. And if your outfit doesn’t have any pockets, they’ll stick your phone in their pocket before you even ask them to. 

15. When you lie to your friends about being busy to get out of a party you’ve been dreading, your partner will support that lie. No questions asked. 

16. Your partner is able to pick up your favorite fast food for you, without calling you to ask you what you want, because they know your taste by now.

17. You don’t get into ridiculous fights when your partner tries to help you put together Ikea furniture, because you know you’ll get it done faster if you work together.

18. When you’re not feeling well, your partner will do your half of the chores, so you have a chance to relax. 

19. If they agree to cook, you’ll volunteer to do the grocery shopping for them. Or you’ll at least wash the dishes for them, so they have a chance to relax after their big meal.

20. Even if your partner isn’t 100% on board with something you’re doing, they’ll cheer you on if they know it’s important to you. They would never dream of crushing your dreams. They’re not your enemy. They’re your best friend and your teammate.