20 Simple Pleasures To Enjoy This Summer


Summer has finally arrived.

Simple pleasure #1: Barbeques

There is nothing like the smell of meat, fish, and vegetables cooking on the grill. The side salads including pasta, potato, mixed greens, and fruit are equally refreshing and enticing. Whether the odor is wafting in the air from the next house over or directly in our own backyard, it is the official smell of summer.

Simple pleasure #2: Early morning or evening walks

Setting the alarm to start the day in motion before it gets too hot or unwinding after dinner to digest and enjoy the warm air are two ideal times during the day to exercise with ease; whether guided by sun or moonlight.

Simple pleasure #3: Sleeping in the minimum—a nighty and boxers

There is nothing more liberating and sexy to sleep without the covers and perhaps only a bed sheet when the temperatures are stifling hot. It’s even a bit steamier with the touch of a silky night dress against the skin or the airy sensation of boxers to beat the heat.

Simple pleasure #4: Meditating outdoors at sunrise

Silencing or at least slowing down the mind will relax the body and soul in harmony. The rising sun also rises one’s spirit to start the day feeling renewed and ready.

Simple pleasure #5: Dancing and socializing in outdoor venues

Cruises, bars, cook-outs, tented events, poolside fun, and open air venues make dancing and conversation that much more attractive with the warmth of evening air and the glow of tans. Varied beats of fast salsa, chill-out lounge, or repetitive house music set the desired mood.

Simple pleasure #6: Citrus fruits

Summer citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes create a refreshing and tangy twist when added to food and beverage. Whether they are picked off a tree from the garden or purchased at the local market, they are the absolute summer staple. They make for beautiful and simple centerpieces and can be used as needed for consumption.

Simple pleasure #7: Iced beverages

Iced tea, lemonade, mojitos, margaritas, fruit drinks and juices, and cocktails are the perfect and satisfying beverages that are flavorful, seasonal, and quench thirst alongside the pool, on the patio, or at a party.

Simple pleasure #8: Kissing under the moon and stars

Walking along the sea, on the boardwalk, parking the car in the middle of nowhere, lounging on the terrace, or enjoying a evening out in open air reveals the splendor of the night sky. It also creates the perfect mood to gently or passionately seize the moment of interconnection.

Simple pleasure #9: Travel

The world is open and ready for exploration—from delicious cuisines, varied landscapes and cityscapes, cultures, history, languages, to manners and perspectives of approaching everyday life.

Such enriching experiences continuously afford an expansion of knowledge and ways of thinking that leave impressions within the present location and once back at home after the trip concludes.

Simple pleasure #10: Ice cream and ices

Sundaes, flurries, floats, banana splits, flying saucers, cones, sandwiches, and cake make for the perfect snacks and desserts to cool down while enjoying the sweetness and richness of the combination of cream and flavored textures. For a lighter option, lemon or fruit ices provide refreshment and slow down the experience of ingestion by scraping away layer by layer per spoonful.

Simple pleasure #11: Sitting on the patio, stoop, bench with good conversation

Whether connecting with others through the exchange of spoken words or quiet contemplation, sitting outside provides a gathering place within fresh air—at an time of the day. Instead of remaining behind closed doors, it’s a reminder that life continues to march forward through a shared experience of teaching and learning, listening and speaking, and enjoying the presence of company.

Simple pleasure #12: Healthy glow

With a myriad of skin care products, bronzers, and spray tanning, it’s possible to achieve a “tan” without even venturing into the sun. However, without ample amounts of sunlight, many people actually are lacking vitamin D. By finding a happy medium, suntan lotion applied before spending the day out and about protects from sun damage, but also allows a dusting of natural color. Whatever option is chosen, being sun kissed is a true mark of the season.

Simple pleasure #13: Stargazing

The night sky is boundless and captivating. It is most humbling as it reveals the endless possibilities. The twinkling of stars with the glow of moonlight in a sea of black envelops the viewer. Sending an intention and leaving it to the care of a shooting star is an added bonus.

Simple pleasure #14: Outdoor concerts, parades, and festivals

Film fests, performances, processions, and celebrations of any sort are even more exciting while outdoors. The sounds, visuals, smells and tastes of food concession stands, and the energy of the crowd and spectators become even more expansive in the open air—at any time of the day.

Simple pleasure #15: DIY project: artistic, in the garden, car, home improvement

Setting any type of personal goal requires determination, excitement, and commitment. When the goal revolves around a DIY project, the investment in the process and the final outcome of the product are equally rewarding.

Simple pleasure #16: Summer fling or rekindling summer passion with significant other

Light and fun encounters that range from casual flirting and intimacy or igniting a spark of romance in a current relationship at the beach, under the stars, or behind closed doors in the cabana make the lazy days of summer not so lazy after all.

Simple pleasure #17: Moisturizing and hydration

It’s inevitable that the sun, wind, salty sea, and varied terrain leaves skin dry and perhaps even burned from time to time. Applying sunscreen before leaving home, conditioning hair, moisturizing both face and body after showering/bathing, and drinking at least eight cups of water a day ensures internal and external care for healthy well being.

Simple pleasure #18: Anything eaten off a skewer

Fruit, vegetables, chicken, steak, shrimp, and fish lend themselves to perfectly cut cubes or small portions. Selecting a marinade or seasonings that best enhances the flavors in combination of the smoky grill for cooking make seconds and thirds the norm. As for dessert…roasted and gooey marshmallows.

Simple pleasure #19 Cutting out from the office (work) early on a Friday afternoon

Whether the boss is already on vacation or has already left after a brief morning appearance, it makes it just a tad more justifiable that the employees follow suite and cut back anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

Simple pleasure #20: Sending a message in a bottle out to sea.

Love letter? Ultimatum? Deepest secret? Intentions of the mind and heart? Dreams and wishes? Write with liberty; all that’s been bottled up inside and place in bottle in which it’s now freely released and left in the waves to shift and transform.