20 Somethings Every 20-Something Has


1. A chip on their shoulder from their past.

2. A bunch of strange notes in their iPhone — such as incomplete grocery lists and killer business ideas that will never be acted upon.

3. Junk mail lying around their apartment.

4. A friend they can’t stand but refuse to do anything about.

5. A wallet or purse full of weird business cards from various lunch places, strangers at bars, or jobs you didn’t get.

6. A denim piece of clothing that is probably a chambray shirt.

7. The phone number of an ex-booty call or a deceased person in their phone. The two are probably not related.

8. Regrets.

9. A piece of wall art that is kept for sentimental value more than aesthetics.

10. An unexplained injury.

11. A friend they call on when they’re in need.

12. A friend whose advice gets totally ignored when asked for it.

13. Non-descript manila folders filled with paperwork.

14. A text they’ve sent that says, “I’m never drinking again.”

15. A subscription to a magazine/newsletter they don’t have the time or patience to read.

16. A problem with their boss.

17. An assortment of pens with business names on them.

18. A Gmail account (probably because their Yahoo account got hacked and AOL stopped being a thing.)

19. Either intense love or extreme hatred for coffee.

20. An ID that proves they are 20-something (whether they want to be or not).

featured image – Ella Ceron