20 Sweet Ass Rules To Be An Optimist


A totally optimistic countdown!

20. When you wake up in the morning think of breakfast.  It’s good motivation to get out of bed. 
19. Curb your sarcasm. It feels so good to be bitter but you run the risk of poisoning your day. 
18. Do not scoff at the motivational posts obnoxious girls you went to high school with put on their facebook.  Accept the good in the messages they present and move on.
17. If it’s nice out walk a few extra blocks on the way to work.  If it’s not nice don’t walk and be grateful for transportation. 
16. Walking into your day job feel free to sing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from Les Miserables under your breath because it’s very amusing. But remind yourself you are not a dying prostitute, you are more like Anne Hathaway earning her Oscar.
15. When your boss is a dick remember all is temporary.  All the bad is temporary.  It will pass and when it does you will know how it feels to have made it.  All good is temporary.  Savor the good when it’s there.
14. Say something nice to someone.  And mean it.  A compliment can change someone’s day.
13.  Melt cheese over something and realize life is awesome.
12. When you feel yourself slipping back into cynicism, Google pictures of baby animals.  Laugh in spite of yourself.
11. Talk to someone you love.  Call.  Text.  E-mail.  Send an owl.
10. If you find yourself alone in an elevator, dance.  It’s liberating. 
9. Remember that the Grinch never got any better by being a grump.  He only got better when he realized the true meaning of Christmas.  Then he made friends and was happy.  Let your heart grow three sizes.  Not that it’s Christmas, but, you know.
8. Have faith.  Let go of the fear of disappointment.  Just have some faith.
7. Watch your favorite movie from your childhood.  Or a clip from it.  Nostalgia tastes sweet. 
6. In all of the stories good defeats evil.  That can’t be a coincidence.  

5. Ignore all of the haters.  Don’t let them waste your time. 
4. You’re not in middle school anymore.  Thank the heavens for this.  If you made it through middle school, you can make it through anything.
3. Recognize that the reason you’ve had bad luck is because you’ve named it so. 
2. Realize that someday in the future you will understand that everything in your life happened to get you to this day.
1. Be your own protagonist.

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