20 Things About Money Only Artists Understand


1. When asked what I do for a living and I respond, “I am an artist”, it doesn’t necessarily mean “I am poor.”

2. I am not always on a budget. Well Kinda.

3. An IRA?… For now, all that is to me is the name of my aunt.

4. No, I cannot perform for free for “experience”. Experience doesn’t pay my rent.

5. It may not seem like it, but I really feel bad for having to keep posting about my kickstarter campaign.

6. You always have more 1099’s than you think at the end of the year, and ALWAYS have to pay more taxes on them than you think

7. A big part of the hustle is trying to find ways to fit career stuff into every purchase or trip so you can write it off

8. I have no idea how much money I make per year because of gigs that pay in cash

9. I can’t keep track in between all the unions I am a part of, and the ones I cannot afford to pay dues to.

10. Keeping track of all my payments from cash, paper checks, PayPal, mobile banking, direct deposit and sometimes all at once, it’s nightmare-ish.

11. For the love of Pete, can we NOT split the check? I only had a side salad.

12. My next paycheck could come tomorrow, like it could be in 6 months. So, sadly no, I cannot book a flight for your wedding in Maui right now.

13. We get to buy expensive toys that are tax deductibles, even if it means we hardly use them. (HaHA!)

14. Lots of times our instruments (Ie: violin, camera…) can cost more than a car, some even a house, and we’re okay with that!

15. What’s having health insurance like?

16. I see a buddy or someone I know who has made it big and think “Screw that guy!”

17. Do I get paid at the gig or will I have to chase you for my money?

18. Sure, I LOVED working 16 hours with no overtime.

19. “Checks will be mailed” are the worst 4 words to hear when you are behind on your bills.

20. Knowing you can never take a vacation because …”what if you get called for a getaway gig (or any gig for that matter)?”