20 Things I Learned From Saved By The Bell


1. It’s possible for you and every member of your group of friends to get a job at the exact same summer beach resort.

2. If you have a stepbrother that doesn’t live with you, you’ll probably just see him once and then never speak of him again.

3. If you play wheelchair basketball you aren’t allowed to leap out of your chair to get the jump ball.

4. If you keep a life sized cardboard cutout of the girl you like under your bed, eventually she will marry you.

5. Your school will allow you to use an empty class room for a chameleon’s funeral if you loved it enough.

6. Teachers can take a week off and let students run the school.

7. You can be the star of the basketball team and never go to practice or play again in your life.

8. Also the same with track and field.

9. If your principal is having marriage problems, he may just come over and hang out in your room for a while.

10. Casey Kasum’s schedule is so light he’s willing to come over and judge a high school dance competition.

11. No one locks the doors of the costume closet at Bayside.

12. If you get struck by lightning, you’ll probably gain the ability to predict the future.

13. If a high school student created advanced artificial intelligence, they’d probably just use it to hang around the house and do menial tasks.

14. But the robot may need glasses to read small print.

15. You can rig every locker in your school to open at the press of a button in order to sell gently used high end clothing.

16. You can shut down an oil company if they accidentally kill a duck.

17. If you get into enough trouble, your principal can force you to go on a date with his niece.

18. The way to a girl’s heart is by taking her to a George Michael concert.

19. A substitute teacher can, not only plan a class trip, but a class trip that has absolutely nothing to do with the class.

20. Caffeine pills can destroy your life more than using meth, heroine, and crack combined.