20 Things That 20-Somethings Should Give Zero Fucks About


1. Don’t give a fuck if you look less than perfect. You can leave the house without putting in your contacts and spending an hour on your hair. The world isn’t going to end.

2. Don’t give a fuck if you haven’t fully learned how to “adult” yet. It’s okay if you’re still sipping Ramen noodles and buying hamburgers from fast food joints.

3. Don’t give a fuck if you look like a complete idiot in front of strangers. You’re younger than you feel. You can still get away with wearing pajamas to the supermarket and playing Pokemon Go on your off hours.

4. Don’t give a fuck if you get less than ten likes on your Instagram photos. Did you have fun on your hike? Then who cares how many followers “liked” the picture of the beautiful sunset you just saw?

5. Don’t give a fuck if the most exciting thing you do this summer is watch a new show on Netflix. Even though everyone is telling you this is your prime time to see the world, it’ll be easier to afford a vacation in a few years once you have a steady job.

6. Don’t give a fuck if your friends make more money than you. If you’re following your dreams, then it doesn’t matter if you’re making minimum wage, as long as you can pay the rent.

7. Don’t give a fuck if you’re still living at home. Apartments are ridiculously expensive nowadays. As long as you’re trying your best to earn enough money to move out, you shouldn’t feel like a failure.

8. Don’t give a fuck if you’re the only one of your friends who isn’t engaged or pregnant. Milestones like that don’t have to come early in life. Everyone moves at their own pace.

9. Don’t give a fuck if you feel like you’re losing all of your old friends. People outgrow people. Eventually, you’ll make new friends that fit better with the new you.

10. Don’t give a fuck if you’re broke. Everyone your age is broke. The friends you see posting pictures of their travels to Asia and Italy are probably still living off of mommy and daddy’s money.

11. Don’t give a fuck if your heart gets broken. Every step away from your ex is a step closer to the love of your life.

12. Don’t give a fuck if you get a little too wasted one night. You’re still young enough to recover quickly. Pop some Advil in the morning and resist the temptation to call out of work.

13. Don’t give a fuck if you screw up. If you ruin a perfectly good relationship, you have plenty of time to find someone new to treat right. If you bomb your interview, you’ll have plenty of more opportunities to get a job in the future.

14. Don’t give a fuck if you haven’t gotten laid in months. Your friends might give you hell about it, but sex shouldn’t be your first priority, anyway.

15. Don’t give a fuck if you feel like an outcast, because you’d rather stay in and read a book than go out club hopping like everyone else your age. As long as you’re doing what makes you happy, your life isn’t being wasted.

16. Don’t give a fuck if you still haven’t figured out what type of person you want to date or what your sexuality is. Your 20s are the time to experiment.

17. Don’t give a fuck if you can’t afford to go out and drink with your friends. Make plans to visit the park with them or invite them over to your house, where everything is free.

18. Don’t give a fuck if everyone makes fun of you for watching animated movies or singing Disney songs. See Finding Dory with your head held high.

19. Don’t give a fuck if some asshole you like won’t respond to your text messages. It’s your sign to move on and find someone who actually respects you.

20. Don’t give a fuck if your 20s aren’t anything like you thought they would be. It’s like that for everyone.