20 Things That All People Obsessed With ‘Friends’ Should Question


Yes, we’re still binge-watching Friends on Netflix and will be doing that until they take it away from us. Of course, we will just go back to watching the DVDs by then, but that’s beside the point. We have watched Friends on re-run for a long time and while it really is the best show ever created, there are some major plot holes within the premise that we’ve noticed over the 10 years together. (Literally, they were around for 10 years and we’ve been watching re-runs for over 10 years now. Insane.)

Continuity would have been a lot better in the show if they knew the background of the characters before they began writing the show. It would have also been helpful to give them exact birthdays because they each were born on different days throughout the series … and we’re pretty sure Ross was 30 for a few years.

Netflix and TV have remedied a few of these mistakes, but for those of us with the longer episodes on DVD, many of the mistakes are still there, talking to you random ice cream container that changes colors in Chandler’s hands. Many of you won’t care about these mistakes, but they are fun to think about and the die-hard Friends fans probably already noticed them all. Sorry Marta Kauffman and David Crane. We love you, but we’re calling you out. Here are 20 things that make no sense in Friends:

1. Rachel and Chandler.

Why are Rachel and Chandler introduced in the beginning if they made out and knew each other growing up?

2. Birthday mess.

The six of them have many different birthday dates throughout the season, just ask Ross who was born in December one season and October 18th in another.

3. Double Carols.

I know that sometimes they have to change actors, but the double Carols are kind of annoying. The second one was way better.

4. Ross’ virginity.

Carol was supposedly Ross’ first but it was revealed later that he slept with the cleaning lady in college … awkward.

5. Ross’ virginity part 2.

When he is obsessing over October 20th because it’s the first time he had sex with Carol, Monica said, “I was hoping you wouldn’t remember.” In the next episode, Joey and Monica are on a date with Angela and Bob and Angela tells Monica that Bob is terrific in bed. Her response: “Wow. My brother never even told me when he lost his virginity.” So, that’s false.

6. Barry Farber.

His last name was originally Finkle, but was changed to Farber. Also different, his finacée Mindy played by two different actresses.

7. Ross and Carol.

According to the flashback episode, Ross found out that Carol was a lesbian a year before the pilot episode took place (Rachel says in the episode, “In one year from today I’ll be Mrs. Barry Farber”), but in the pilot he is just now learning she was a lesbian or it took her an entire year to move out, which is weird because she would have still been having sex with Ross after he found out because she’s pregnant a year later.

8. Rachel Green—Greene.

Seriously though? This changes throughout the seasons and no one knows how to spell her last name, not even her.

9. The infamous breakup ice cream.

Although it’s since been fixed in the Netflix version and on TV, in the one where Chandler freaks out Janice, the ice cream container he eats when he’s sad changes colors … many times from purple to green and back again.

10. Hugo Boss died in 1948.

Why doesn’t the man who works for Gucci know this?

11. Charlie is from Boston.

Why has she never been to The Met? It’s hard to believe that she’s never been there considering she got kicked out of a NYC restaurant with Benjamin Hobart.

12. Phoebe’s massages.

Phoebe gets all bent out of shape in season 8 because Monica has never let Phoebe massage her. Except that in season 7, she says “It’s already February and I’ve only given two massages, and they were both the worst tippers in the world!” To which Monica responds, “That was me and Ross.”

13. Monica’s wedding dress.

She tries on one dress at the fancy store, grabs a totally different one at the discount store in Brooklyn and the one she tries on for Chandler telling him not to like it is a different one. So, there’s that.

14. Joey progressively gets dumber.

He literally goes from kind of stupid to the dumbest person ever. Not sure what that’s all about.

15. Joey’s siblings.

Joey has seven sisters. Everyone knows this, except Joey of course. In the episode where Ross kisses Mrs. Bing, Joey says, “You don’t think my mom is sexy? I’ll have you know that Gloria Tribbiani was a handsome woman in her day, alright? You think it’s easy giving birth to seven children?” Okay Joey, except she gave birth to 8 people.

16. Mike’s imaginary sister.

Phoebe was invited to Mike’s sister’s party after they broke up, but then mysteriously disappears at the wedding. He’s got a brother in the wedding, but no sister.

17. Ross hates ice cream?

Or not … because he eats ice cream with Marcel and Elizabeth.

18. The Velveteen Rabbit.

Since when is The Velveteen Rabbit Chandler’s favorite book? In season 8 Monica gets him the bunny costume because that was his favorite children’s book. You know who else loved the Velveteen Rabbit? Kathy. You think he would have mentioned that to her?

19. Janice’s pregnancy.

Janice is stood up by a boyfriend when she has dinner with Monica and Chandler before the wedding, but she has a baby on the same day that Ross and Rachel have their baby, saying that she nabbed Sid a year ago at the dermatologist’s office. That timeline is completely off for her to meet Sid, get pregnant and have the baby on the same day.

20. Phoebe’s Italian skills.

She never understood Paolo in season 1, but then when Joey’s grandma comes in season 5 she speaks perfect Italian to her.

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