20 Things That Happen When You’re A Woman Who Completely Embraces Who She Is


A strong, stable, hard-working visionary, the grounded, groundbreaking woman is one who takes her life (and enjoyment of it) very seriously. From the way she spends her days to the people she spends time with in them, she’s got a clear understanding of what and who matters most in her life.

Here are twenty traits she holds dear.

1. She is not afraid to walk away from relationships that aren’t healthy. It doesn’t matter if she shares DNA with the person, has known them “forever”, loves them, or if they could benefit her career-wise. She values her mental, physical and emotional well-being, and is fiercely protective of it.

2. She will never apologize for being ambitious. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. She’s willing to work hard to achieve her goals and gives exactly zero f*cks if someone else has a problem with it.

3. She holds her values in high regard. This means she’s not about to bend her boundaries and break her promises to herself in order to date or collaborate with someone who, on paper, looks attractive but has a mis-aligned moral code.

4. Her word is her bond. She is where she says she’ll be, does what she says she’ll do, and believes that her reputation has a direct connection to her legacy.

5. She lets things go. There are millions of people in this world and we will encounter thousands in our lifetime. If she got caught on every proverbial hook, she’d never move forward.

6. She appreciates a good man when she meet one. Instead of constantly looking for the “bigger, better deal,” she values a good guy when he arrives and is relieved she got over the attraction to the emotionally chaotic bad boys.

7. She pays close attention to her words. She says what she means and makes sure she clarifies where necessary.

8. She doesn’t ask people to assess her value. She knows what she’s worth and what she brings to the table. If other people don’t see that, she doesn’t question herself — she moves on.

9. She lives her own life. While the world is copying the Kardashians and checking into trendy clubs, she’s creating footsteps down her own path instead of walking behind someone else.

10. She moves up. Every day is a chance to learn, taste, feel, experience, explore, read, and listen to something new. She sees growth as a daily progression and deposits something new into her life constantly.

11. She empowers those around her. She knows that being her best self doesn’t have to come at the expense of someone else. She wants to see everyone around her live up to their potential. This is not the woman who will put other women down and she will hold a hater accountable right there in real-time.

12. She stopped “trying to be friends” a long time ago.  Instead, she surrounds herself with people she respects and trusts. She has limited time, and looks to spend it with people who bring a sense of joy and safety into her life.

13. She takes care of herself. Yes, she has occasional hard nights and lazy days (and she loves to indulge), but she knows that sleep, nutrients, movement and serenity are all necessary to live a long, healthy and mobile life.

14. She leaves the past behind her. She’s not interested in rewinding mental movies over and over. Instead, she uses what she’s learned to write a new script in which the lead character gets stronger and stronger.

15. She play’s big. This isn’t a woman who gets up just to get by.

16. She loves and respects her tribe. She knows that success in any area is a team effort. She values, appreciates, and supports the people who work hard beside her to help things run smoothly.

17. She does the things she doesn’t want to do. Not every morning leads to an easy walk to the gym, and some days really would be better off spent outside of the office, but she knows that while not doing what she needs to do will gratify her in the moment, it will push her ultimate goals further away.

18. She has a positive and practical mindset. She’s not delusional. She knows there are challenges and bad days, but she also knows that bad days are what make good days possible. She doesn’t see the world through rose-colored glasses but she also doesn’t equate “reality” with negativity.

19. They live, love, and laugh enthusiastically. She doesn’t want to walk through her days like a robot. She feels things and expresses them to the fullest, and sees this as part of living a vibrant and colorful life.

20. She cares about people around her. She listens to them, genuinely wants to know how they are, and gives them her full attention when together. She’s a woman who values human interaction and knows there’s a soul inside every person she meets; giving attention and care to that soul can change a life.