20 Things You Will Look Back On And Wish You Appreciated More


1. Sneaking out of your house in high school.

2. The time you got grounded for sneaking out of your house in high school.

3. Falling in love, or developing some type of lust for someone.

4. Getting your heart broken.

5. The times you and your guy friends went on adventures.

6. Planning a future with your friends, together.

7. The load of high school homework.

8. What it felt like to drive for the first time with your friends.

9. The dreams you really planned on making a reality.

10. Living in the same home as your siblings and parents.

11. The holidays that all of your family got together for.

12. The times you fought over who slept in the middle with your cousins.

13. Going skinny-dipping with your best friend.

14. The summers you spent getting too tan.

15. The rejection you got from the school’s “bad boy”.

16. The days you went to lunch with your grandparents.

17. The times you celebrated a loved one’s birthday.

18. The nights you ate Chinese food with your mom while watching Gilmore Girls.

19. The days you were unsure about everything, only to figure out exactly what you needed to know.

20. The moments (seldom or frequent) that you knew you were enough.