20 Tiny Meaningful Moments Only 20-Something Introverts Get To Experience



1. Having a crush on the guy in the same office as you and quietly freaking out when he comes up next to you at the copier machine. Most definitely a sign that he likes you.

2. When your roommates talk a lot during brunch, so you sip your coffee quietly, content with just listening to them.

3. Waking up extra early to enjoy breakfast by yourself without having to be bothered.

4. Choosing to enjoy a good book and a glass of wine on a Friday night over a raging frat party.

5. When you leave the club early without anyone noticing and enthusiastically give yourself a high five.

6. When your bestie cancels plans on you and you’re secretly thrilled.

7. When you actually follow through with a plan and everyone is ecstatic to see you because it’s been a few weeks.

8. When you get really into making appetizers for your guests to enjoy because for once, you really want to be a nice host.

9. When your parents are relieved after seeing you come back from a night out, three hours earlier than your curfew.

10. After a full recovery day spent with just yourself, you feel recharged and ready to take on the world.

11. Feeling content sitting by yourself at a party not having to engage in any dreaded small talk.

12. Feeling relieved when your date does all the talking so you don’t have to pull out your stash of sticky notes for topic ideas.

13. Blessing the universe when you see that you’re sitting right next to the bathroom so you know you’ll have an escape route in case your date starts asking you questions.

14. When your interviewer for your first big- girl job goes on a tangent about her pet dog and forgets to ask you any more questions.

15. When the girl sitting next to you on an airplane starts talking to you, and you thank god for the little treasures in your bag called headphones.

16. When your best friend doesn’t want to talk that much either and you’re just like – “THIS IS WHY WE ARE BEST FRIENDS.”

17. When your mom fills up the bathtub for you after a long day because she knows that’s all you want to do on your Saturday night.

18. For your 21st birthday, your friends buy you lots of books, movies and bottles of wine and you feel like all of your wildest dreams have just came true.

19. When your boyfriend decides he just wants to watch a movie with you instead of going to the bars and you tackle him with love.

20. When your go-to outfit is pajama pants, a tank top and no bra. No shame.