20 Unconventional Things That Really Deserve Our Thanks


‘Tis the season to be thankful. When people are asked what they’re thankful for each year most say family, friends, good health, etc. Everything that we should all be grateful for. I’m happy to have those things too, but here are 20 unconventional things I think deserve recognition.

1. Social Media

Not only for letting me share my life and my thoughts with people I love, but also for letting me stalk old friends, ex-boyfriends, and people I always hoped would get fat after high school.

2. Online food ordering

Because ordering over the phone sucks. They usually send you the wrong food and it takes twice as long to find your house because they didn’t hear your address correctly.

3. Books

They allow me to escape to another world when I’m tired of living in my own.

4. Netflix/Hulu/HD bunny ears/movies

My boyfriend and I have been without cable since moving into our new home at the end of September. These help keep us entertained (when I’m not reading, of course).

5. Rulers

Line-editing is killer without a ruler.

6. Vodka

Duh. If you have to ask why I’m thankful for alcohol then we can’t be friends.

7. Xanax

I love to travel but hate to fly and I’d never be able to get through a flight without it.

8. Caller ID

I’m rarely without my phone so if you call and I don’t answer it’s probably because I saw it was you and purposely decided to hit ignore. Sorry I’m not sorry.

9. Appetizers/hors d’oeuvres

I tend to get hangry easily. These help to tide me over until I can get a real meal in me.

10. Coffee

I can’t get through the day without it. Period.

11. Lint rollers

I wear a lot of dark colors so when my clothes are covered in hair and lint it’s obvious. I’d look like such a slob without this.

12. Exercise

I love going to the gym and running. And I do it because I love my body, not because I hate it. I have no sympathy for people that don’t work out and then complain about hating themselves. That’s your own fault.

13. Alone time

I love my family, friends, and boyfriend with all my heart. But getting alone time keeps me sane. And I might as well enjoy it before I have kids.

14. Leggings

I know there are hardcore legging haters out there. But I happen to think they’re great. It’s like wearing classy sweatpants. And they make my booty look fantastic.

15. Fake Christmas trees

Let’s all admit that real ones are a pain. “But Laura, it’s not truly Christmas without a real tree.” Yeah, my ass.

16. Ties

Because bowties look stupid on just about everyone.

17. YouTube

Endless cat videos and makeup tutorials. Enough said.

18. Craft beer

Without it I’d never be able to appreciate how cheap (and just as good) regular beer is. Plus, it’s just one more reason to dislike hipsters.

19. Fast walkers

Because slow walkers are the worst.

20. Men

I know many of them have many flaws. And I’m all for girl power and feminism. But living in a world full of women would be an absolute nightmare.