20 Women Reveal The Quickest Way A Guy Can Blow Their Chances With Them


Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. Talking solely about themselves.

2. Talking about how crazy their exes are.

3. A lack of respect (like ignoring your boundaries or not being considerate of your time).

4. Not giving straight answers to questions or engaging in conversation.

5. Sending an unsolicited dick pic.

6. Trying to impress you by saying they could beat up the people in your life.

7. Complaining about women as a gender (especially while using the term “females”).

8. Constantly asking what you think about their muscles/physique.

9. Complaining about feminists (especially if they bring the topic up themselves).

1o. Being too sexual too soon.

11. Refusing to go down but expecting a blowjob.

12. Calling you “baby,” “sweetie,” or any other pet name after barely meeting you.

13. Not being empathetic.

14. Not understanding why a woman doesn’t want to be out alone at 2 a.m.

15. Being rude to a stranger.

16. Road rage or any other kind of overblown expression of anger.

17. Bragging about how rich and awesome they are.

18. Trying to tell you how to spend your money when they barely know you.

19. Forgetting everything you’ve told them.

20. Saying, “You’re not like other girls.”