20 World Citizens On The Biggest Misconception About Their Country


Found on AskReddit

1. MrZomer

”Everyone smokes weed just because it’s legal in our country” -Netherlands

2. stiletto_vodka

That all Ethiopians are starving. My family is doing quite well and has been for generations.

3. Holmes870

Canada only has one season: winter.

Absolutely not true. We also have construction season.

4. w0den

I have heard o lot of people say germans are emotionless or cold, calculating etc. but if you had been to bavaria – not even the oktoberfest – you would know better. Germans are also emotional, friendly, nice etc its just that we excel at engineering, technical stuff, calculated actions that brought this misconception on our country.

5. GilChesterton

That all Turks have huge beards. False. Just our women.

6. notwenfml

That everyone here likes footbal, samba and carnival.

I hate them all.


7. SunkenSwallow

I am from Estonia.

Everytime I tell someone this, they ask: ,, Is that in Russia?” or somehow else imply that we are russians or a part of Russia. This is very frustrating, because we have very bad history with Russia. And the other half just dont know where it is or think its make believe.

TL/DR: People think Estonia is Russia or made up.

8. premature_eulogy

Finland: We don’t have polar bears, we don’t all carry knives around, and we don’t drink all the time. Only on Fridays. And during any holidays. And whenever it’s dark. And whenever we lose against Sweden at ice hockey.

9. faintharmonics

That we Scots are a bunch of drunks.

Oh you wanted a misconception?

10. Doxep

Italian here.

That we all vote Berlusconi and look up to him as a role model… he’s basically the most hated person in the country.

That we’re all Mafia.

That pizza is awesome throughout the whole Italy (it’s very wrong. Pizza is from Naples and it’s quite hard to make it right… A pizza in Milano can be worse than a pizza from Sydney or New York). Every region has its culinary specialties, very very very different from one another.

That we all talk like babbede boopi.

11. phuck

We don’t have lions as pets. There are no elephants on the way to work. There are white people in our country too. – South Africa

12. ruceMT

Rwanda: That pepople slash each others throat on a daily basis. That did happen almost 20 years ago. Now ? Well, for starters we have the fastest internet in Africa.

13. fugitivesam

That India is full of rapists. Most of us have respect for women and find the thought of forcefully having sex as disgusting as any other man from any other country. Indeed, there are many cases in parts of North India, but there are two reasons for that: high population density; the more the people, the more the criminals. This makes it difficult for the police to be effective. The other reason is women repression, but this is true only in a fraction of the whole nation.


That Kuwait is war torn, bomb ridden battlefield. Its actually quite peaceful.

15. garthcrooks

That we’re all ‘British’ and have a ‘British’ accent. I’m a Northerner (English) and I sound like Sean Bean, not Piers Morgan!

16. Dark758

Irish people are not drunk at all times. Nor can I produce the Hollywood Irish accent you are so dying to hear :p

17. Altro

Australia, where the fuck do i begin,

-I’ve seen 3 kangaroos in my life

-I’ve never been bitten by a spider, however i have seen a bunch

-We don’t ride kangaroos to school

-There is not 601 things in this picture that can kill you

-There are NO shrimps on the barby

18. theelysium

that we’re the happiest nation on earth…might have something to do with our abnormal use of antidepressants – Denmark


19. throwawaybreaks

I used to live in the USA. Basically: everything any European person has ever said about Americans being comparatively: fat, dumb, lazy, crazy, racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, violent etc.

I’ve seen the exact same shit in all the European countries I’ve moved to or lived in. The only one with any truth to it seems to be the fat thing, and that’s only even true regionally, really.

 20. honey_I_shot_the_kid

Sweden: Not every women here are a hot blonde. We also have hot very brunettes.