In 2018, I Will Only Live 60 Seconds At A Time


I have learned a lot from you. You brought me hurricanes of heartbreak and taught me that people can be deceiving and not all people are worthy of my love and trust; you taught me to pick myself up off the floor and be my own hero at the end of the day.

You taught me that I am my own happiness and anyone who comes into my life adds onto my happiness but I am whole all on my own and I am my own shining star-my own Princess Charming.

You threw obstacles at me to challenge the ones I love and myself. You pushed me to work harder and question not only my choices, but the people I surround myself with. You forced me to detox my life and purge myself of any negativity. You hurdled truth at me; as I became vulnerable to the world like an open wound- an open book; readable to the world.

At the end of it all, after all the blood, sweat and tears…you brought me happiness. You rewarded me with love and family after all the thunderstorms: you showed me that life will always balance itself out and that I am worthy of this life given to me.

Most importantly, you taught me to take life at baby steps. So 2018, I will break every day of you down. When I get overwhelmed, I will take it 60 seconds at a time. When life becomes too unbearable, I will live for the next 60 seconds and when those 60 seconds are over I shall live for the next for the 525,600 minutes of you.

Thank you 2017 for molding me into an even better me…so let us see what 2018 is made of.